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  1. after swearing i wouldnt have another french car here , i was dismayed daughter has a yaris t spirit , i have spent the whole day trying to change the rear hubs (rusted in ) and brake shoes , the french adjusters are absolute compost (why do the french have to mess with a good design ? )fiddly little springs and very small adjuster screw , and very difficult to refit to shoe , didnt help the shoes are a few mm too thick as well , so with everything adjusted right in, its still is very tight , anyway my question is can i fit the jap adjusters as they are simpler and easier to adjust in future , might be just as easy to swap out now
  2. thanks for replies , seen a couple of ts near us for sale , so may go have a look , suppose the next problem will be finding one not owned by a boy racer lol
  3. just bought our first yaris for my daughter , just a little 1.0 and am very impressed with the car , thinking of changing my own diesel Toledo out soon and was looking at the tsport , are their many standard mechanical parts between yaris models ?, things like suspension, wheel bearings etc I do all my own mechanics and always remember the old 1275 gt mini nearly every part was specific , meaning expensive spares for most jobs and most main dealer , or is the 1.3 yaris a better option ?
  4. just bought a yaris , for daughter , so impressed think may get one myself , looking forward to using the forum

  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums andybk :)

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