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  1. How do I find out what transmission model I have in my 91 Corolla? When I look up the transmission output shaft seal it asks if it's a S50, S51, S53, C50, C51, C52, C150, C151, E53, E55F5, E56F2, E56F5, E57F5, or E150F transmission.
  2. So a few days ago when it was time to go back in from lunch I went to turn the key on so I could close the sunroof and all my electronics turned off. I wiggled the fuses that were on the positive battery clamp and it all came back on so I swapped the crappy fuses for these circuit breakers.
  3. Nope and to be honest I don't have much use for either one.
  4. It doesn't work so it's all engine clutter and dead weight.
  5. Well not sure if it shares a belt with anything else but the previous owner removed its belt or bypassed it so that shouldn't be a problem.
  6. Does anybody have any links on how to remove all the A/C equipment and/or the cruise control equipment?
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums JoeNoble :)

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