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  1. Hi all not happy today went to get two new tyres on the front of my website today to be told the net wheel couldn't be fitted back on because some complete humpty has run a tap down 4 of the 5 stud holes and had hammered on one of the nuts. This car has only been to beadles Medway and the person that repaired the crash damage since I had the wheel off to check the pads. The person that repaired the car wouldn't of done that as there is absolutely no need or reason to do that that I can think of. Just another shining example of the service at beadles Medway. Coop
  2. Hi all as some of you are aware I had a coming together with a ford Mondeo a few weeks back. I have now bought the salvage and had the car repaired myself. However I am not happy with the way Toyota (my insurers approved repairer) have handled it. For a start they tried to value the car 3k less than it was worth that was sorted by the insurance assessor to be fair. They then put in a quote of 4.5k for spares etc. 75% of the bits listed were not needed. At one point I did ask them if the chassis leg was bent because the door was hitting the wing and the wing was sticking out at the front. I was told "dunno there is something wrong with it but I haven't looked because its dirty." When I turned up to collect the car from them baring in mind I had a call the night b4 saying if I didn't come and get the car by close of business the next day they would put it out on the street where it would of got tickets at the very least if not stolen or impounded. Toyota didn't want to give me the car first of all they told me that I couldn't take it with out a release note (I told them I needed their e-mail and or fax the insurance company would shoot one straight over to them) Then they told me there was storage fees to pay and an inspection fee. when I asked to use their phone to call the insurance company he changed it to storage fees. then when I said I would pay the fee he told me I couldn't take the car anyway as I wasn't allowed to take it they had to send it straight to scrap as it was a write off. I said well the insurance have deemed it as a cat c. I pointed out cat c was repairable but would cost more than the car is worth. he tried to tell me it was cat b not cat c. I had a copy of the engineers report with me and showed him it was cat c at which point he called me a word beginning with w and told me to f off and take the fing car then. I will certainly be putting in a compliant to my insurance company about it now it is all sorted and I have the appropriate receipts from my repairers however I have a couple of questions. 1) is it worth registering a complaint with Toyota??? if so how do I go about this 2) While I appreciate the car still might of been a cat d it is now registered as a cat c. is there anyway of changing that now as I have settled with the insurance company? sorry for the moan coop
  3. hi just a quick update and a couple more questions. I have the list of required parts from the report now rather than the rambled off list from the garage. so need some more parts im just not sure what the following is. 1) front lock strut (I have looked on ebay and this seems to be the front panel/slam panel but this was listed as a separate item) 2) radiator cowling and front radiator cover 3) lh & rh bumper guides 4) lh/rh guide panels there are lots of other bits that seem to be to do with the bumper moulding its self including a seal kit and fitting kit. that I assume as I am repairing the car privately rather than through the insurance are down to me weather I replace them or not. good news is that it looks like the chassis leg is ok and it should be a straight forward repair many thanks for your input Coop
  4. Hi all I am in the process of pricing up some bits to see if it is viable to put the car back on the road. which leads me to 2 questions 1) is the aircon rad and intercooler one and the same??? if not which is the aluminium rad at the front in front of the engine rad. (ebay calls it aircon/intercooler rad) 2) what is the bar called that holds the rads at the top and the bonnet closed? many thanks Coop
  5. ok not happy with the quote I have been given it seems to be silly money but then again in some respects they have quoted for every tiny thing not just the accident damage. The dealership have advised me that the insurance will write it off 3.5 grand seems a lot of money for a 5 mph shunt. didn't even do any damage to the other car.
  6. im just a little bemused as to why they sent it to a main dealers 2 towns over when there is a bigger dealership in my own town.
  7. Hi all just a bit of a silly question as I realise its kinda a how long is a bit of string exercise. I had a head on crash this morning at a slow speed with a ford Mondeo. The other guy was happy there was no damage to his car however there is quite a bit to mine. For the want of a better description the front bumper bar is pointing inwards and is sticking into the air con rad (front rad) and possibly into the main one slightly (billows of steam but no puddle and didn't show signs of leaking until it was moved onto the recovery truck). There is something funny with the o/s/f wing but not sure what as all the panels seem to line up apart from the front edge of the bonnet. Bonnet opens and closes. other than that the airbags didn't deploy so cant of been that harder crash. How much would a front bumper bar and 2 new rads be including fitting from a main dealer (insurance company insisted on taking it there????) many thanks Ben
  8. Hi thanks for the responses As Konrad says its only an under-tray however reading the small print if I don't receive it I have to wait 3 weeks b4 they will do anything. also if it is returned to them. they will charge me 20% restocking fee and postage back to me. Having had dealings with international shippers I have yet to find one that is any good. numerous times I have had items returned to me saying the address is incorrect yet are able to find to find it quickly and efficiently the second time with exactly the same address on it. coop
  9. Hi all as part of my ongoing saga with this money pit I now need a new undertray (offside and the middle part). My local dealers have quoted me over 300 quid inc vat and clips. I have looked on ebay briefly and the only person I can find selling them is http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Avensis-03-08-Diesel-2-0-2-2-UNDER-ENGINE-COVER-set-new-HDPE-CLIPS/201338457480?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D35308%26meid%3Db48eb364e71a4ddfa9ddabc7806d1709%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D201338454411 although he says uk in his name he is in Poland. has anyone had any dealings with him. because I don't wont to fork out 80 quid and then not be any better off. I have considered making something out of sheet but don't really have the tools needed for cutting and bending metal properly. any suggestions/opinions welcome Coop
  10. yes but cost a lot of money...over 1500 ... had it done again today as had clutch issues and had the old parts back... and they were luk.... I guess the only way to find out what they said they were going to fit is to ask them.... just not 100% sure they did fit it because as said in a previous post car has only done 20k since and I remember the clutch pedal didn't feel as if it had a new clutch but I put it down to I had only had the car a couple of weeks then and dismissed it.
  11. I guess the question is.. do they use luk brand? I seem to remember that bosch was the oem
  12. they supposedly fitted it 3 years ago when I had a replacement engine due to head gasket issues
  13. Hi all as the title says really what brand is the oem for the clutch and flywheel on an avensis diesel estate 08 plate (07 model) many thanks Coop
  14. hi thanks for the response. I had the dmf and clutch replaced about 20k ago when the engine was replaced by Toyota for head gasket failure. I am stuck with the kit because it was a special order item and the place I got it from wont refund it. Im kinda at a loss what to do as I either waste the kit....or spend more money to have it fitted. cooop
  15. sorry should of said its a 2.0 diesel t3 model on a 08 plate
  16. hi all, I have recently noticed a rattle when the engine is under load and or when the clutch is operated a slight vibration on the pedal. I have also noticed there seems to be a little more free play at the top of the pedal travel than I remember. I took it to my local garage to check it out and look at a few other bits. They told me that it was the dmf and autodata said aprox 4 and a bit hours to do it and the clutch etc. I had cause to take the car back this morning for something else and was told there is nothing wrong with the car. I said well the dmf still needs doing and was told nope nothing wrong with it. so I am now a little confused. If it isn't the dmf what could cause the symptoms I am experiencing. admittedly they are intermittent and are only slight but im a little put out as I have gone and bought a clutch kit and dmf for the garage to fit. hope my description is clear coop
  17. hi all thanks for the answers. been and got a new battery and will fit it tomorrow many thanks coop
  18. battery is knackered... I went for a drive sat for over an hour. didn't use it at all yesterday went to start it today battery is flat. that lead me to a few questions 1) is there a shut down procedure for the ecu for b4 I disconnect the battery 2) if I cant find the radio code b4 I disconnect the battery is there a way of finding it 3) where is the best place for a battery as the cheapest I can find is 70 pounds many thanks coop
  19. no lights on.... got neighbour to jump start it and took it for an hours drive.... put a multimeter across the battery and got 14.2volts so alternator ok.... if the battery goes flat again I will have to get it tested. many thanks coop
  20. hi I drove the car yesterday on two short trips. today I have gone out to the car and the battery is flat. it just about caught the first time of cranking but died.... second time it would barely turn over. If it is the altenator what is the procedure to change it. can it be done fairly simply at home or does half the engine have to be dismantled. many thanks coop sorry should of said car is a 2.0 diesel with air con
  21. long story short on one of its trips to the garage they pointed out to me that the outer sheath was cracked and splitting....and I was panicking cos it had its mot today. however it went through with the advisory that its at the end of its travel.... they did have a quick look and said that there wasn't any adjustment left. so a new cable is needed at some point. but the main thing is it went through its mot. coop
  22. how does one replace the handbrake cable on a 07 avensis 2.0 diesel. also how much would one expect to pay for a new cable? many thanks coop
  23. would the scv valve cause the issues with the glowplug light as well as the glowplugs then?
  24. yes I wait for the light to go out even in the summer. its only when its cold outside that I get an issue... sometimes it will start on the second attempt other times it can take 4 or 5 trys b4 it will fire. it is going into the garage tomorrow to be left over night and they will have a look first thing thurs. coop
  25. I have had trouble starting my 2.0 diesel avensis when it is cold outside..... this has been going on for the last 2 years. last 2 days I have noticed that when the car struggles to start the glow plug light doesn't come on. at least it doesn't on the second and subsequent trys. I haven't remembered so far to look on the first try. I am getting a little concerned now as I was thinking the glowplugs were on the way out but now getting worried about the ecu. anyone got any ideas many thanks coop
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