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  1. Good result Peter, glad you got it sorted and back on the road again, many more miles of trouble free motoring to come I hope! 👍🙂
  2. That response is disgraceful,not even bothering to address you by name! a standard 'we do not care' response. I agree with Jim, county court, however I would suggest a letter first to the customer service director with details as stated & if no satisfactory outcome (for you) defo CC. It is easy to do online very cheaply. Good luck with it! 👍
  3. Good luck Peter & hope all goes well with it 👍😉
  4. Return it and get your money back? Just hope it was not a private sale?
  5. That's grim! Why not take it back to the garage who did it 4months ago and let them loosen it off/change it for you?
  6. Sorry to hear of your woes but after what you have written and the comments the garage have made I would defo return car and as you paid by credit card? you also have your CC provider to turn to too for help with refund. I also think that because they are suggesting you have damaged the clutch/gearbox how could you be sure that they would do a proper repair (at their cost!) they already know you will never be a return customer? All they want is not to have that car on their forecourt! Good luck with what ever you decide to do about it.
  7. I do not think that is a legal repair? Too close to side wall and should be vulcanised? was it done by a proper tyre company?
  8. Why did you not just get one whilst at Halfords? Ok so it might be a few quid more than somewhere else but it already did not start for you so why go thru' it again and save the hassle!
  9. Glad it came out ok for you and new part coming, scary when something like that happens,raises the heart rate a bit! 😮good luck getting it sorted 👍
  10. Try steel wheel Inc. winter tyre 15''. Winter tyres are for all round use as compounds/tread pattern are different to summer tyres and perform better at lower winter temps. not just snow. If you want just 'snow' tyres they are a different animal. I have Nokian winter's on mine now till April then back to summer tyres. Even in the High Peak I don't need dedicated snow tyres. When snow gets to 8'' or more I don't even attempt to go out. I have just put Crossclimate+'s on my partners car and they will be fine all year round. (they are doing an offer at the moment for money back!) Hope you get sorted!😉
  11. Rolling wheel arches? 🤔
  12. I would not use sugar soap because if you get any on the paint work it will strip any polish off! I have used 'T' cut original on windscreens for years, it leaves it completely clean and smooth (it does not remove chips or scratches, for that I use jewelers rouge but it is messy!) If the wiper blades are in good condition it is worth cleaning them with ISO too if you don't want to use T cut. Ps. I don't use T cut on the wiper blades! 😉
  13. I had mine replaced last year by Halfords, Yuasa Silver 5yr. 85ah 800a. same size,just! been fine since ( 2.2 T180 spirit )