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  1. Soft/medium old tooth brush works fine for me (did mine today) never used chemicals just water and brush then finish washing car.
  2. Interesting but I can only go off the London/Birmingham ULEZ checkers & my car is exempt so quite happy, not that I will ever be driving in those zones!
  3. Yep, positive. Re checked this morning, exempt for B/ham, Leeds, London. When I sell it will probably go to a taxi driver as i have already been asked by one! not that I will be selling any time soon tho'
  4. Not all older diesels fall victim to these ULEZ & LEZ my 2009 2.2 T180 D CAT is exempt! 😉
  5. 🤣 Still not a bad idea here in the High Peak! In Calgary/Toronto etc. transport system and long stay car parking have a plug in point in each bay for plugging in Engine/g/box heaters whilst parked up for the day.
  6. Nice idea, what heater did you use & how easy was it to fit?
  7. I would be surprised if 150,000miles in 5years would be made up of short trips?
  8. Stephen, that caliper and disc picture looks familiar!!! 😁😁 Nick
  9. Yes,see what you mean. Will clean off next spring changeover,thanks. 50m completed, no probs. I hope it's really sorted now. I just wonder as previous comment, not calibrated properly? Thanks all, Nick
  10. Mmmm! yes, looking good 👍 new discs next time I guess. Just going to give it a 50m run & hope all is well!
  11. Hi, defo enough c/slip! Calipers original 😁I just like to keep them looking nice, hammerite 4 yrs ago, just cleaned them when I put winters on last week after the service as they were left very mucky. Not sure about rust area tho' those bands were not there before, O/side more than N/s. I guess it's a wait and see job after a few more miles? Cheers Nick Ps. The pads (Bosch) removed had done 29.5K & still a few thou' left on them.
  12. Re these pics of pads/disc. Does this look right re rust ring now forming (not there with old pads) I would have thought new pads would clean right back to small disc lip? or is it pads not bedded in yet @ 30miles & normal? Thanks, Nick * Pagid pads fitted.
  13. Right, I stand corrected re auto EPB off, it does not work! manual off and on as normal.( I rare use auto off, just manual off) They plugged in comp and came up with code C1207 ''malfunction neutral/reverse position sensor''? I asked had it been calibrated properly when pads done, yes, no problem there and no codes. He tried it several times auto release & fine apart from once when it stayed on but now ok? Cleared the fault all ok. He said try it for a few days & see how it goes, don't want to start spending money without knowing the fault is still there? So as of now it is all working, will have to wait and see how it goes. However I will re read relevant posts for more info. Many thanks guys, much appreciated. 👍 Nick Ps. This has been the first time any form of warning light has come on with this superb car (apart from the EPB! 😁)