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  1. Hi, go to menu top right. Select forums and scroll right down to near bottom and you will find 'For sale' wanted etc. 👍
  2. Speed camera or speed warning maybe?
  3. Ps. I was also told the hard drive would be wiped of all my saved music?
  4. If you have the hard drive map it has to be Mr T to update it & the cost (last Feb) was £185approx. but no guarantee it will be the an up to date map, only the latest one they have. It also takes some hours to do they told me and has to be on a special computer??? which is shared by several dealers so can take some time to get hold of. I did not go ahead with with it due to cost and no certainty of an up to date map. If I need a current map I use a TomTom 😉 Hope you get it sorted ok 👍
  5. Don't these scroats just slither under without jacking up?
  6. Hi Andrew, your welcome. Yes, I think 4 bikes would be asking for trouble on the tailgate. Wise choice to go for towball mounted rack 👍 good luck with it. Regards, Nick
  7. Hi, yes, the D is metal and part of the tailgate. To get access to the H L brake light the plastic spoiler has to come off around the D section, unbolted from inside I think and adhesive on the out side? You would have to research removal as the B light is attached to the plastic spoiler. Others might know the actual procedure for removal/access . As I understand it you cannot gain access to the BL from inside the car. I did not carry more than one bike on the rack but it traveled fine. 😉 My rack had feet that took the weight & rested on the bumper sill. Not sure I would like to try ones that only rested on the window/tailgate tho' hope you get it sorted 👍 Nick
  8. Hi Andrew, I think your spoiler is different to mine. The metal part is an elongated 'D' section flush with the plastic part looking from the top of the spoiler. Hope pics help? Nick
  9. Hi, if it is the same as my spoiler it has an integrated metal section across the back which is part of the boot, the spoiler fits around this. I have put my strap hooks over this metal section and it has been fine. Hope yours is the same😉 let us know how you get on. Nick Ps. I would not hang hooks off the plastic section
  10. Nice 'how2' vid Matt. I would like to try and do my 2009 2.2 Dcat T180 but this EGR looks different to mine? is there a decent video/pics of a T27 dcat 'how2'? Any pointers would be appreciated, many thanks, Nick
  11. Parking brake switch?
  12. Many thanks, you are right 👍the two sizes I got were for the 2.0 & 2.2!! so T150 & T180 same size, sorted!
  13. Hi Gary, it looks like you have the T180 18'' wheels? if it is like mine the 18'' standard wheel T180 has larger discs than the T150 I think. I have jut started checking discs/pads for mine and that is what I am finding at the moment. More info will be along shortly I'm sure to advise on the exact size?
  14. Sorry to hear your woes! I doubt you could get one other than Mr T as you will need a new chip etc. and it will need to be coded too I should think. No help now but I recently took out car/home key cover with my insurance, £17 per yr. key cover up to £1000.00 worth considering in future as car keys are so expensive to replace as I fear you are about to find out ☹️hope you get it sorted ok. Spare key use for now!
  15. you could start with these people? Good luck finding one 👍