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  1. Surplus items for sale. 5w-30 Mobil 1 ESP fully synthetic 6litres (5+1) wrong grade ordered! bought from 'Opie oils'. £45 Collect only. Please message me for details. T27 09 estate (will fit saloon I think?) very good quality and condition overmats, front and back,blue. £20
  2. 1 x 18'' Toyota wheel & Tyre in VGC for spare. One small curb dink but paint matched £100 collection only please. 7.5J x 45 I will have a set of lexus IS 200 17'' 114.3 7x 50OS winter rims (have got tyres on) shortly. Will post details shortly, message me before if you would like details 😉
  3. Does anyone have a pic of the exact location of the drivers side scuttle drain hole? wiper blades and plastic surround off, pretty mucky as I park nose down on steep drive! just want to make sure it's clear. Any help appreciated 👍😉
  4. Thanks Peter, everything ok this morning (no BL's on or MIL's) when re-connected apart from security light on when engine running? booked it in garage for further checks, just hope it is the BL switch. I also think I have a faulty scanner, the scroll button only works 1 in 5 times pressed! will get it exchanged.
  5. Update! bought code reader, no codes stored, no freeze frame stored? Also showing, Since DTC's cleared this drive cycle, MIL status 'OFF' & everything else showing N/A? Misfire,fuel syst,cat monitor,EGR system etc. I have not deleted anything just read the reader, Am I doing anything wrong??? The warnings lights have gone for now & it runs great but brake lights still staying on, discon. neg terminal again. Am I right in thinking that the brake light switch is always powered when ignition off? ( ie.press peddle & lights on) If it could be the switch I would have a go at changing it but not as supple these days! as I am in my 70's but happy to give it a go! 😀 Any further advice would be appreciated, Cheers 👍
  6. Thanks Lee, have ordered a reader, never used one before but will see how it goes and update 👍
  7. Hi Peter, looks like I may have the same problem, did you have the flashing/on brake lights (when car locked) as I have? Just posted my problem. Is yours a D-CAT? Any pics of swan neck as I have never done this job before, thanks, Nick
  8. Afternoon all!, Advice needed please. My T27 180 D-cat started flashing brake lights at 4am this morning! Car not used for 10days. Checked this morning, started first time, no apparent problem. Took for 20 mile run, no loss of power or lights until 19miles then 'check parking brake system then just before home VSC, pops up with ABS lit up. Have searched here and it seems it may be EGR? but I have never seen anything with random brake lights flashing? Next door has just come and told me brake lights back on and staying on!!! have disconnected neg battery terminal. Also noticed the cabin security light flickering too when engine running. I know I will have to take it for code reading but why brake lights flashing/staying on when left standing? Any ideas? Ps. 1/2 mile from home & got pulled in by police for random vehicle check & tyres, all good thankfully & he did not see the dash lit up! 😂
  9. That's not what was asked! help to resolve his/her problem is required! if anyone can help this new member? tbc/qas/rehj/lmfc!
  10. No! Toyota did not design the lamp to have water in them so remove lamp, double check no damage/crud etc & replace seal with genuine one? Who wants 2 x 10mm holes in the lights!!!
  11. Soft/medium old tooth brush works fine for me (did mine today) never used chemicals just water and brush then finish washing car.
  12. Interesting but I can only go off the London/Birmingham ULEZ checkers & my car is exempt so quite happy, not that I will ever be driving in those zones!
  13. Yep, positive. Re checked this morning, exempt for B/ham, Leeds, London. When I sell it will probably go to a taxi driver as i have already been asked by one! not that I will be selling any time soon tho'
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