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  1. Hello, Indeed the catalytic converter was clogged. Easy to check. Unbolt the exhaust under the vehicle right after the DPF. Start the car. If power is restored, you will notice the engine climbs much easier in RPM's, your catalytic converter is probably clogged with its own thermal insulation. The ceramic inside the cat starts crumbling like an inverted cone shape. The freed up thermal insulation in which the ceramic is wrapped gets blown apart and clogs the rest of the catalytic converter. Hope it helps.
  2. Okay, so today I took a drive without exhaust. It sounded like a V8...and had the performance to match. Guess I will be looking for a new exhaust pipe.
  3. By outlet I mean exhaust. It was late.
  4. So, back from vacation. And unfortunately the problem wasn't magically solved. While on holiday I was able to get techstream up and running again on my laptop, so the first night at home I went for it. Only one remaining DTC: C1201 and after clearing the DTC it never returned. However, the car is still having problems. Barely power and wont rev past 3200RPM or so. There are no DTC's and no check engine lights. What I've noticed is that the "target booster pressure" is always around 50Kpa higher than the MAP sensor reading, which to me, is an indication of low boost pressure. I've checked the MAP sensor, vacuum lines VNT actuator, vsv valve and what not. I'm starting to think that there must be an obstruction in the outlet somewhere. Anyone else who can confirm my theory?
  5. I guess I have to investigate further after vacation. Only reoccurring dtc's at the moment are the ones mentioned: c1201 and c1331. For now I rented a Toyota auris hybrid.
  6. Speedsensor tested according toyota guidelines and checks out normal. tested MAF sensor, brakes (found one stuck slider pin but this was not the solution), tested wire harness from sensor to ABS ECU, but no dice. When making an emergency stop the ABS will intervene which tells me the system is not completely dead. We will now rent a car to go on vacation. First time a toyota stood me up real good. Anyway, after vacation the search continues and I will post results back in this topic.
  7. Just checked al the vacuum hoses. All in order. After wiping the DTC's the car drives fine the first few hundred meters. When revving above 2500 RPM, the car hits a rev limiter (sort of) and after that it wont drive normal anymore.
  8. Due to earlier problems with EGR, I installed a blanking plate. This has never been a problem, but I will take it off and see how that goes.
  9. Goodmorning, I havent introduced myself properly due to the urgent nature of my question. Please excuse me for that, I will make it up. My car is a 2005 avensis with 2.2 DCAT (2ADFHV) engine. We are about to go on vacation but the car now wont rev past 3K RPM, barely making the 100km/h mark. No check engine lights, ABS, VSC or TRC lights on the dash. When I pulled codes, two came up, both in the ABS/VSC/TRC section. C1331 and C1201. The first one is Open circuit in Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit. second one is Engine Control System. Is this really the simple matter a broken ABS sensor? an if so does this really put the car in limp mode? Best regards, Silvan
  10. Welcome to the Toyota forums nemesis.81 :)