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  1. Kingo, thanks for the link. I was'nt expecting this from a car club! First I find out about a problem with my "ears" and also the solution and next I'm learning Geography. This is education in a new format. Joeson
  2. Gasmater, you must be buying too many parts from MrT to keep needing to say HOW MUCH! Steve, thanks for the welcome will check as you suggest. Kingo, what's happened in Cheshire it was'nt flat the last time I was there.
  3. I'm new to TOC and have just seen your post. Absolutely EXCELLENT work.
  4. Thank's for the welcome Gasmater. What's with the HOW MUCH!, is this the answer or is it a question? Thanks also acetip from the flat county, I know this forum is anonymous but tell me your not "Pete the Barber". I have some car related comments / questions so will go to the MR2 section to post.
  5. Hello there , have just seen your enquiry. If you are not yet sorted Google lambdapower. The guy there was Very helpful to me with my MR2 Roadster .
  6. Being of a certain age, inclination and situation I felt the "need" for a small sports car. After trawling various websites for information and considering various other Japanese, UK and European small sports cars the Toyota MR2 seemed to fit the bill and an old 'un would suit my budget. I acquired a 2002 model in June 2011 and it has been fun every time I have driven it, always in the sunshine with the top down. Still trawling for information yesterday I again visited the TOC and found that I have a problem and have been driving with my "ears" sticking out! The "ears" are the corners of the soft top/ hood that protrude if not tucked in when opening it. From the TOC I not only found the problem but also the solution - the correct fitment of a strap inside the roof lining of the hood, this serves to pull the "ears" in when opening the hood. Now I know what the "spare" strap is in the glove box and will be able to drive with my ears neatly tucked in when the MR2 emeges from its SORN hibernation. With such useful information freely available I joined the TOC last evening to say thank you and hopefully continue to gleen and perhaps pass on information as time goes by.