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  1. Hi You mentioned you can get connectors off eBay for the front speakers to clip right in.. Can you tell me which ones you brought as I brought some and they were too big/small I have brought some speakers to fit but don't want to cut all the wires as handing the car back after 2 more years I have the Aygo 2012 Fire edition... I brought these ones ... Speaker Adaptor Lead PC2-824
  2. What did you search for on eBay to find the connectors for the dash speakers as im having the issue find any. I've brought a replacement head unit and front dash speakers but cant find any convertors Help me!!!
  3. Hello All. I was wondering if somebody could help me please. I have a Toyota Aygo 2012 model however the front tweeters are terrible. I purchased some replacement speakers however Toyota have very nicely placed an usual connection on them. I am having trouble finding a convertor of some kind so I do not have to go and start snipping wires. I brought these off eBay thinking they would be suitable however I got my boyfriend to fit them and they are too big to fit into the current connection and too small for the original convertor to fit into. If anyone could help me find one it would be great Thank you
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums Sophia1984 :)