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  1. I had my Air Con fail recently, the integral switch lamp continually flashed and no cold air. I connected an air con pressure gauge (as supplied by Halfords with the recharge gas) and the pressure indicated was very high (in the red section of the gauge). I then checked the clutch on the compressor and it was not engaging. I removed the off side undertray to reveal the compressor and wiring and disconnected the plug. Testing into the compressor on Oms scale I looked for a resistive reading and read 189 ohms. Thinking this was probably correct, I assumed that the supply was ok because of the indicator lamp, I was stumped. Knowing it to be an electromagnetic clutch what else could be wrong, was it stuck I thought? out comes the copper hammer and the pully received a few taps and hey presto all was well again. Now that's the fix I like. I hope this post helps anyone with wayward air con.

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