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  1. When weight shifts to rear right corner? Wheel bearing?
  2. Done my front left wheel. Bearing last week I could have sworn it was transfer box...it would hum and rumble above 25 mph at any left right straight ahead position until one day it maniffested itself as wheel bearing noise dissapearing on left turns when weight shifted to right hand side and lifted off the left. All smooth now
  3. The parcel shelves are pish. The get In The way and look crap too with the pull out blind type parts that can't hold anything. Blacked out windows suffice .y first mod was give away the parcel shelf
  4. In my experience ECUs are protected in Thier own right on Thier own node or environment if you like. I'd say a short circuit injector coil or the valve itself or canbus shorting problem would potentially harm the edu as they are connected. If your power socket done harm before it's fuse blew then there would have to be some foreign wiring tapping off something on the edu environment Think every fuse you have on your care.g. like a wiper relay fuse blown due to a short in the relay coil could harm any ECU or module..it doesn't bear thinking about. So I'd say if valve and wiring are ok it's just bad luck the driver in edu for this circuit has failed
  5. dodgy door switch? is interior light illuminating when alarm sounds.
  6. after clutch i recently put engine oil in my box for 100 miles to flush it it worked like silk with engine oil but not to tempt fate replaced it with a gl4 75/80 . many gm and ford manual boxes run on atf it gets round all bearings and components and light / less power drag from transmission. if it can take the pressure on bearings and gears from autoboxes over 500nm easy and manual transits lugging over 3500kgs day in day out its well over rated for a normal car. just need to make sure all trans seals are good
  7. ebc here! on x5 and q7 and cars over the years last long perform good no squeal and keep alloys clean/ less dust. worth the extra. only time i had to change pads was due to siezed rear calipers on avensis taking them down pretty low at mot time
  8. As i bought my rav 4 from a friend who fitted a leather interior to it he supplied me with the original interior, i took it off him as he was storing it at his grans shed . Anyway I know a standard interior is not very sought after locally but i put it on gumtree as a shame to throw out a perfectly good interior from a 75k miles innings. Its in my shed and is only going to get damp and ruined over time so anyone who has a similar marque that wants this interior for free is welcome to it. I also want my space back lol https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/rav42-full-interior-dark-grey-toyota-rav-4-suv-car-parts/1348010622 post in this thread as first come first served basis and can sort out collect or meet... prob need a van or trailer to take away! unless local doing a couple of runs really want it gone by next weekend and would be a sin to throw it in skip. could hold onto it for another week or so if someone really serious about coming to take it but needs time to sort out a long journey. There must be some dog chewed interiors needing a change eh lol make good computer chairs
  9. sell it at that price if its already had welding done
  10. http://www.baileysdiesel.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/P1271+1272.pdf similar for an understanding.. hope toyota have not just picked the big dear easy option and have eliminated that the valve and circuit are good and as above ecu repairs it will prob be a coil driver at worst in the edu that needs a new mosfet or something soldered in pcb
  11. NOT really a good idea but on this older vehicle you can cut open the grey cover of the valet key and fish out the little black chip and tape it to the reciever around the ignition barrel . get as many keys cut as you want from the valet key immobiliser is bypassed and car is easy to start with any key that turns the barrel but also steal in the old fashioned sense ( only if the thieves know or have a random try at this vehicle) if they get steering lock broken etc but id fit a steering wheel lock or something as an extra deterent/defense only if your at a pinch and not wanting to spend large sums on an old vehicle doing it by the book ! just an example of a way round your problem
  12. Ok got this good example low mileage rav4 , its knocking on 14 years old but plenty life left so needing a bit of up to date tech as keeping it for a couple of years. apologies if im repeating other threads its REVERSE SENSORS,, a bit of an enigma with this swinging door setup with spare wheel and towbar . ......... after a wasted couple of hours fitting a cisbo system from amazon costing £19 it was unreliable with false alarms all the time and could not be trusted ( sent back for a refund) So a parksafe model ps640 i somehow managed to get on amazon prime for £7.99 (same one as in eurocarparts circa £35) The hard work was already done drilling and figuring out a tidy install however sensor size on this kit was smaller and too small for holes drilled in bumper.GRRRR Close up pic you can see sensor has a double step this is the shell from first set of sensors with inners removed and bored to 18mm to fit perfectly , this system works perfect and very pleased. REVERSE CAMERA not the best of angles due to low reg plate ..........Amazon again for a Boscam K3 wired kit.. seen rave reviews and worth a punt at £38, very pleased also , tidy install monitor tucked in right hand as seen with cable up behind pillar airbag along roof and down back pillar to lighting area. great picture quality day and night and bought another for my c class , merc diy option is a video switcher over sat nav input and quite complex cables and setup at near £500 DIY kit so i can live with another screen on my car for the big savings... again very pleased with the results and it was well worth the effort
  13. Ok Had rav now nearly a month. Cleaned up really well with the t cut colour restore. Headlights came up nice and clear with the meguairs kit....but be needing new units soon due to the reflectors fell inside the lamps when upgrading my bulbs they were vibration snapped at the 90 degree bend and held Thier place with the old bulbs. I've had to Bosch them with super glue for short term lol. Fitted reverse camera Fitted reverse sensors Fitted timing belt Cleaned and Undersealed underneath Awaiting interior led bulbs arriving Currently trying to source a decent or original set steps but only see decent enough trux brand for about 250 so I'll keep looking for 2nd hand originals as the rest are total garbage chrome tube tack. Spoiler I'm prob gonna get the eBay 40 quid abs plastic one I'll have to prep prime paint and bond as breakers wanting silly money for or spoilers ( when they are available. I can update or take pics and product details if anyone interested Ta