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  1. alternator alloy corroding from inside out causing short across its body or its diodes? is it the charge fuse? try disconnecting alt wires anyway to rule it out. if not check the scuttle panel for build up of leaves etc and filling up with water
  2. Just to conclude this thread on an older model that probably wont see much demand for this type of repair by folk in the future. but may help someone Got that aftermarket filler neck which was the correct type with the part number supplied by flash22 , fitted perfect and is solid. I thought i was gonna have major bolt snapping issues but it went better than i expected. Only the top bolt that goes through a captive nut on a bracket welded to chassis would not budge due to the exposed threads at the back becoming well deformed with rust, so just drilled and speed screwed that, th
  3. haha yes take your bag off the passenger seat
  4. should have "srs airbag" embossed on the wheel
  5. i have a company van that i can use for personal use so my personal cars i have owned can potentially sit for weeks and for this i have a solar panel that can sit on my dashboard keeping my battery good https://www.halfords.com/motoring/battery-maintenance/battery-accessories/12v-6-watt-solar-maintainer---upto-200ah-196489.html this is similar to mine however mines was £20 and may be smaller
  6. i have plastidip i can coat the new pipe with but the cars never going to last another 15 years anyway lol
  7. Thanks with that part number i have ordered one from germany for £103 to my door, just hope international shipping isnt majorly affected at the moment and i get it in the next week or 2
  8. kingo ? price and availability?
  9. ok it does not fit. I asked supplier and bought it but nope its not even close its miles too big and wrong shape completely Suppose i will need to get one from toyota if available as there seem to be none floating about on the internet for my vintage. Was thinking of a bodge as others have done with hose or similar but id rather replace completely to save any more debris finding its way into tank and also not a lot of wheel clearance So need to return this and pay return postage lol waste of time ! thanks anyway
  10. sounds like the belt is too tight and psteer pump bearing is squealing
  11. nope but like the curtain idea on the import day vans like the nissan elgrand / honda stepwagon / toyota alphard when they are in camper guise. not get a set of caravan curtains or something?
  12. just a brain !Removed! but id start looking at them backwards p0488 egr sluggish gummed up or sticking / possible causing p0102 low maf reading due to sticking egr allowing intake through egr instead of maf / possibly causing p0045 boost issues also and other code erroneous
  13. these seem to all be related to 4.3 and not my 4.2 model so have sent an enquiry to yam6 to see if its same one ta
  14. +1 starter motor that starts carbon brush conductive dust inside windings to body, strip and blow out is cheapest solution or a service exchange from an auto electrical mob at 100 quid or so if it needs brushes
  15. your mate has been shafted there is no way you can fit that upside down and the axle? or subframe does not need dropped to remove a rear (or front) swaybar on this car ( i had both mine out today changing anti roll bar bushes 12 mm socket for the bush clamps plus a 16mm or whatever size your drop link nut is.
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