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  1. There will be some tolerance to a degree, but I always prefer to stay with exact OEM spec to avoid potential problems down the line
  2. It includes info for European models too if you scroll down
  3. Thanks; looks like the answer to the original question is no - the offset looks to have changed. thanks runninginpleasepass, much appreciated
  4. Then again.... How many hundreds of gen 3 owners do we have on here again? If one of you can provide this information I'm sure many people would be thankful...
  5. Here we go - worth pinning please admin? Thank you for your contact of 15 April 2016 regarding the new Toyota Prius. Having spoken with our Technical Team, they have advised me of the following information:- Tire Size 215/45R17 Wheel Size 17 x 7J PCD 100 Offset 50 Tire Size 195/65R15 Wheel Size 15 x 6 1/2J PCD 100 Offset 40
  6. Thanks both - I've asked Mr T and will report back here if/when I get any joy. For context, I'm asking in the hope it hasn't changed so I can get a spare set of wheels for winter tyres for SWMBO's future car
  7. 85 views and no replies...has anyone got a gen 4 yet who can check the owners manual please?
  8. Please can somebody in the know tell me if the wheel fitments and dimensions are the same for the gen 4 Prius as they were for the gen 3? I'm thinking pcd, offset, width etc for both the 15" and 17" options. thank you
  9. I think it looks better in models with black leather seats....just saying
  10. You should be able to source a 2.5 yr old auris hybrid estate towards the top end of your budget nowadays - we used to have a hatch and loved it until swmbo wrote it off
  11. haha If I got the WRX I wanted it'd be a real keeper - hawkeye in flame red - always loved flame red cars you're not helping
  12. LOL My problem is that from time to time (like this weekend) I feel like my Outback is the Subaru equivalent of the Auris HSD - a great car, but I don't think I'll be truly happy until I've scratched the Prius (or in this case Impreza WRX) itch
  13. We went to our local dealer today for a look. They don't have a 'showroom model' but do have a demonstrator in white (was dirty today). After 30 mins of waiting for a salesman to become free to show us it, we just picked up a brochure and left. Looks nice in the flesh though
  14. No, it's just a watching brief for now - the Mrs is hankering for the new Prius when my works car lease comes to an end next year. I think my Outback will be around for a few years yet - 2 dogs dictates really. My mileage is about to drop dramatically later this year when our daughter goes to University - no more 12 miles of school run twice daily. That will help to make it more bearable I'd go the LPG route too, but won't see the money back doing little or no mileage