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  1. I found a solution; set the the phone to use AVRCP 1.5.
  2. I have a 2013 Auris Icon, and the integration of the Touch ICE system with an Android phone has never been great. But now that my phone has upgraded to Pie, Touch can see all the songs on the phone. I couldn't do this with earlier versions of Android. Unfortunately it won't play a song, you can select a song, it bleeps, but nothing happens. Touch just plays whatever song was last played by the phone. Any suggestions for how I can get Touch to play a song? I have tried re-pairing the phone with the car, to no avail.
  3. Yes, unless the car itself has a SIM card (and I don't think it has), you'll need a "4G" connection. from your phone to the phone masts as you drive past them.
  4. Yes, Toyota don't make the radio/satnav themselves, but they are responsible for choosing what they commission from Harman. From what I have read, the upcoming Toyota feature Apple Car Play, but not Android Auto. Toyota think that Android Auto slurp up too much data from the car.
  5. Yes, I have had this work done, can't say there's a significant improvement with the new headlights.
  6. Avoid the Chinese replacement units on eBay, as the one I bought didn't have the correct electrical connections.
  7. Thanks for writing your review. No need to apologise about your English, it's fine, and better than my Spanish.
  8. I would really like to see proper support for Android phones. And if the fine folk at Toyota could get the radio to deal with radiotext competently that would be good.
  9. Yes, I've read that Stuttgart will be banning pre Euro VI diesels from its city centre next year.
  10. Yes, I would like to know how much of a fuel saving the higher tyre pressures give you. I don't find the ride with the eco tyre pressures too bad.
  11. I have bought a TYC brand headlight unit for a 2013 Auris, and it's slightly different from the original. The day time running lights connect differently, and only come on when the lights are on. So, have I ben sold a fake, or is there more than one headlight unit for the 2013 unit.
  12. I'm looking to replace the rear wiper blade on a 2013 Auris, but have two issues: How? I've not found any explanation in the manual Where do you get them? Halfords don't stock them, and I can't find anywhere on line that sells 200mm blades. Is this something that only a dealer can do?
  13. Thanks for all your replies, I think I'll just have to live with Toyota's poor support for Android. I might see if there are any sotware updates availabel for the Touch unit.
  14. Has anyone managed to browse the music files on an android device via Bluetooth on the Toyota Touch system? I have a 2013 Auris Icon, with the basic Touch system. With Bluetooth I can see what track is playing, but I can't browse the files on the phone. The user manual suggests that this should be possible, if the phone supports AVRCP v1.4. My phone does support v1.4. I had a look on the Toyota blog and it seems that this feature - browsing music files via Bluetooth - is not supported for Android devices. So does it only work with Apple products?