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  1. Konrad as always thank you for the reply. I will be going to see the mechanic tomorrow and take about half a litre out the sump. (I'm sure that's going to be a messy job) and hopefully that will make things better. I just found it odd a thicker oil creating more smoke then before. I have found the avensis to be such an ideal size for the family that I even started looking for another incase this one was getting beyond an economical repair but just can't find an eclipse black t spirit with a low mileage. Mo
  2. Thanks for the reply mate, will give this a go on Friday. Mo
  3. DB I totally agree with what you have written. I guess I am annoyed as it's otherwise a great car. I don't know why I also think something is not right with it getting upto temp. Like I said I drove back from the mechanics which is a 15-20 minute journey and around 4 miles and the temp outside was 10C but my car still wasn't upto temperature. Mo
  4. I have a 2003 2.0 petrol and that has a timing chain. I believe the 2003-2006 diesel models came with a timing belt. Mo
  5. I believe the autos/semis are all petrol models and as far as I'm aware the 1.8 and 2.0 have timing chains. Mo
  6. Thanks for the reply, I have also read this a few times but what surprises me is that I had the oil changed yesterday and filled to the top of the dipstick marker and the smoke is worse then before. But if I think about it when the oil gets a little lower the smoke from the exhaust usually improves. Surely butting in a 10w40 instead of 5w30 should have reduced the smoke and not increased it? Mo
  7. Bringing up an old thread but my dipstick actually measures 1.5 litres from top mark to bottom mark. Now I am thinking maybe I have the wrong dipstick in my car which means I end up over filling it by half a litre? Mo
  8. BigMo82


    Went to the mechanics today to get the oil changed and he changed these lights too. I was removing the wrong bulbs! Lol They were both blown but all back to normal now. Mo
  9. Sorry mate I meant I'm still getting smoke from my exhaust. Mo
  10. Ok switched to 10w40 today, cleaned the PCV valve and changed the oil filter and..... It's made no difference what so ever! What I have noticed is the car is taking longer to warm up over the last few months. I just drove back from the mechanics, did a 3 mile journey that took about 20 minutes and I wasn't upto temperature by the time I got home which I think is odd considering its 10C today. Mo
  11. I have the button on mine and it works if the satnav screen is on. In all honesty it's not the best of setups so I rarely use it . Mo
  12. Scarlet I know what your thinking! Lol
  13. Thanks for the reply mate, I will pop into halfords later. I did check online but with my registration it was only listing 5w30 fully synthetic oils. I went to euro car parts yesterday to pick up a battery for the Estima and asked the guy at the counter about a thicker oil for my avensis. His advice was to go 10w40 or even 15w40! But he said it would have to be part synthetic as apparently a fully synthetic thicker oil would cause issues with the catalytic convertor. Mo
  14. Thanks for the reply , can I confirm that oil is suitable for my car? I have a petrol Avensis. Also any ideas what oil I could get if I went for a 10w40? I can't see London getting colder then -8/-9 and 50% of the time my car is parked in an underground car park. Thanks Mo
  15. Thanks for your replies. I am not sad about the oil consumption but more worried about the smoke I am getting as it can get quite embarrassing. I have spoken to my mechanic who has suggested 5w40 or even 10w40 fully synthetic. Can anyone tell me where I can buy this from that will be compatible with my car? I have checked at eurocarparts and they only seem to offer 5w30 or 15w40 mineral oil which is compatible with my vehicle according to the registration plate check. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Mo