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  1. Ebay special - "White 12-SMD LED COB 12v Number Plate Light Bulbs" for the pair £5.61
  2. Good evening all. My beloved Corolla encountered a deer a few weeks ago leaving her scarred. Does anyone know where I can get front left wheel arch, front bumper upper and lower as well as left fog light cover. Absolutely amazing car. Always wanted this shape Corolla. The little 1.4 engine does such a easy job city and motorway such a joy to drive. Looking forward to your replies.
  3. Happy Birthday kayngo87!

  4. Terra cleaning. A process ridding the engine and exhaust system of carbon composites. Anyone done this yet? Booked myself in for next saturday.
  5. I just went for a cheap mod by making a hole in the intake rubber pipe for the MAS and then getting a universal cone. Cost no more then £10 to do. Will need to make up a "cold air intake" over the week end. That again will be the intake hose from my old Auris.
  6. Excited about my Corolla :D

  7. Excited about my Corolla :D

  8. This is for my "Ngo-Rolla" a N/A build on a 99 corolla 1.3. Just want to prove to non old car lovers that the old can easily handle the new. Gen 1 4EFE Throttle body (ones in Starlets with 50mm port) 4EFE 4-2-1 Exhaust manifold 4EFE 0.5mm Head gasket E11 (99 Corolla) 30-35mm Lowering Springs Thanks for reading :D
  9. kayngo87

    Toyota Touch ?

    Yeah I had to buy a cable adaptor for my GPS/Media station double din touch screen. Costed me £15 pounds from your local "Bass House" (speaker shop for cars).
  10. Like on the pinned threads I think this one is the better ones. http://www.trc-tuning.com/index_shop.htm Its quite expensive but cool looking products.
  11. kayngo87

    Toyota Touch ?

    It should use the same interface, all the same in the Toyota range I am aware.
  12. When I had my HID Xenons on my Auris 3 years ago, I used sticky pads. But they do have mounting screw holes in them.
  13. kayngo87

    Clutch Kit

    Oo I know this is slightly off topic, any pictures of your beast?
  14. I put fuel injectors into my car every month to clean out the injectors and its noticeable. I think its familiar to the higher octane fuel, its meant to clean your engine as well as give you that slight increase in MPG and horsepower.
  15. Hey all, I am new to the forum and love this place. Learn so much about my beloved Auris. My purpose for opening this new thread is simple. I wish to De Cat my petrol 1.4 to squeeze as much performance I can out of the dear thing. My queries are to you guys are, "where is the catalytic converter?". Is it built in with the exhaust manifold in the engine bay or underneath the car? These was the question from the guy willing to do my car for £65 inc fitting. If its in the engine bay I am buggered, he said no chance. But if under the car it can be a straight swap. Any input are welcome. Thank you