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  1. Potential issue gets a bit of a mention on here Gareth.A top of the page pinned thread running to 54 pages of 543 posts,but some might miss it ;-) I for one hadn't even joined up.
  2. Many other manufacturers including BMW and VW have had serious engine build issues in the past,but to my knowledge none of them have ever admitted to there being a build fault,let alone offering a replacement FOC. So fair play to Toyota,and imo 7 yrs warranty is quite a long warranty period.
  3. Probably best to leave it then.. As said its a real shame an otherwise great car is spoilt by a suspect engine. BUT as gj said not all 180's are affected,I bought mine on 58k without doing my research,it's now on 66k,and touch wood runs perfectly on its original engine..I do have my £3k rainy day fund ready though just in case. Just like us it's down to luck of the draw,with a dash of healthy life style thrown in.
  4. Well Worth trying Chris,but this happened with ours practically from brand new. I've been reliably told its caused by external interference to the frequency Toyotas alarm uses.
  5. I've had the same issue with all four of our keyless entry Ravs,but it only happens on our driveway? It happened to other Ravs visiting us also? It's totally intermittent,but seems to happen mostly when we have low pressure weather conditions,but not always? I've now got used to just opening the car with the little key which activates the alarm,you then press the start button with the fob, and of you go. Toyota have reprogrammed the alarm frequency many times,but never with any success. They say it must be some external interference disrupting the wave length? Something I guess we just have to
  6. My last VW Golf, famed for their bulletproof bodywork also spent its previous 4yrs in that Aberdeen Kev..The underside was like a rusty nail.
  7. According to an MOT inspector friend of mine it's not unusual to see unexpected corrosion on vehicles that have lived by the sea, or where roads are regularly salted/gritted for most of the winter months.. Even on vehicles of only 5yrs old. So Baldie could be correct.
  8. The 'goodwill' engine warranty period is 7 yrs Niel, so if yours is a 2008 model and the dealer says your engine is faulty you should get a replacement engine,as Gj said, not a repair.
  9. Haha. Your a right comedian Kev min.
  10. Is that the new European common language Kev ;-) Bit of everything in there..German,Gaelic and a hint of that Inglish
  11. Nice find Don,and looks really strong. On a socket with so many sides that half a mil in size makes a big difference.
  12. Finally got in contact this morning. To learn the cars been sold,so the hunt continues. Thanks for your help guys.
  13. Thanks Lee,all of which could explain the low price tag.
  14. There's something a bit fishy about that ad IMO Paul. For one the price seems ridiculously low comptared to similar examples? I've also rang the listed private number on at least ten occasions and at different times of day with no reply or even messaging voice Hmmmm. Beginning to wonder if it's some kind of scam,but I really can't think what.
  15. Thanks again Mike,not had time today,but hoping to view tomorrow. Paul.
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