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  1. Interesting find. I actually went through that document and it appears that my car is on the identified VIN list. I e-mailed Toyota relations with this finding and they sort of referred me to contact a dealership and ask them whether my car is subject to a customer satisfaction recall. I don't have any problems with my car at the moment but I'll give my local Toyota a call on Monday and see what they have to say about this. Good luck too.
  2. Remapping especially from one size fit's all boxes aren't going to do your car any justice. The problem with more torque and power is that you're more likely to utilise it, thus your MPG won't improve greatly. I'm just surprised you paid £289 which seems a bit steep. Is this the only option for Toyota owners?, as I know with my Golf I had live mapping done.
  3. Most of the HID kits your find on the UK market are simply repackaged Chinese ballasts which you can get for little more than £10-20 direct from them on eBay (full set of bulbs & 35w or 55w set). I've been using them recently in the Auris & in my VW Golf's over the years with no issues (bare in mind VW's are extremely sensitive with HID's). I'm sure you will get many recommending top brass kits, I started off using HIDS4U which set me back £145, you live and you learn with experience.
  4. Going through my box of HID spares I actually found a pair of what appears to be this H11 adapter. I will attempt to use it to power the my xenons once they arrive from China!
  5. You could also buy paint touch up kits (eBay kits are quite handy and cheap). Then use any sort of scratch remover (e.g. T-cut) on top of it.
  6. I'll definitely keep an eye on things and monitor for any of the points you raised above. Thanks for the advice, keeps me better informed if I need to proceed with Toyota. I'll follow the guidelines from Toyota then, R on flat or slopping surfaces and E whilst facing uphill.
  7. I'm in the exact same position as you, have the full service history. I was quite surprised to see how little Toyota do in their full service. Can't help you with the timing chain question but that is a cracking price for a full service.
  8. Thanks for the detailed response. Yeah it doesn't really bother me and the gear changes are real smooth. I suppose I'm used to or comparing it too much to 'traditional' automatic cars. In terms of the ECU being upgraded/flashed I suppose I will ask Toyota in November when the servicing is next due (still deciding whether to do it with them or not). Last question weirdly enough, I've been parking the car in N gear (neutral). I've just read around and it states I should really park it in R? Is there any specific reason for this?
  9. Hi All, Recently purchased a Auris T-Spirit. The car is extremely smooth and I can't really fault it. Anyway, the previous owner had a service carried out in November 2012. Toyota marked the clutch as amber due to it having 'No Creep'. Their suggestion for a fix was called 'Re-initialization' which they charged at £71.24. This clearly has not fixed the problem as it still doesn't creep in E or R gear. I've read around the forums and people have mentioned that a new ECU would be needed, clutch and actuator. Is this really necessary, and I'm guessing that I would be charged a bomb for this? As
  10. Thanks, I believe it is 6mm. I will order some and post confirmation so if anyone needs some in the future they will know.
  11. Hi, Does anyone know the standard rivet size for the Toyota Auris? I want to replace a few which I've bent out of shape/snapped. It is for the front grill/air duct which you need to remove to swap out front headlight bulbs. Thanks in advance.
  12. Going to pick up my 57 Auris on the weekend, comes factory fitted sat nav. I'm just wondering whether there are options for a retrofit of a reversing camera for this car? Do Toyota offer such a service? If not any local fitters in London? Thanks in advance.
  13. Could say the same thing about changing the air filter too. Seems to be the going rate.
  14. As the title eludes, I will be the proud owner of a 57 Toyota Auris by the end of next week. I must say through general internet searches, this place appears to be the best place for friendly advice and support so I had to sign up! So, to all of the forum members here; Hi! :D
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