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  1. I have for sale a Toyota IQ Tonneau Luggage Boot Cover. Comes with it's own little pouch. Not used it much, but now that I no longer own the vehicle it's now for sale. £20.00 - can post to anywhere in the UK
  2. Kansai-R

    Thanks Guys!

    Hi guys, It turns out I will be leaving the Toyota IQ club earlier than expected. Last week I was rear-ended by a Dacia Duster 4x4. Unfortunately, the repair costs exceeded the value of the car and it has been financially written off. Although it's quite sad losing my car, I want to thank everyone in this forum that has helped me with maintenance, modifying, and resolving issues with the car. Thanks again and stay safe on the road! Jason
  3. I've done just under 92k miles with the IQ. Used Nexen N Blue Eco for the past 4 years, usually they are around £50 each excluding fitting. The Bridgestone EP150 can be bought for £30 each if you're lucky to find it at that price. It's a superior tyre, it grips better in the wet and dry and fuel economy is the same. Not sure if any of us pay full price for it though..
  4. No problem @Victory1, it's a surprisingly spacious car although I'm not sure about a wheelie bin! I'll have to try that out myself someday.
  5. A quick google search for mobile tyre fitters come up with a quite a few around Beds. Just let them know you want your own tyres balanced and fitted, for them to provide valves and the old ones tyres disposed of. Always a plus if you tell them the tyres are quite small. For all 4 tyres, £60 would be a good price, always best to call a few up for prices.
  6. Ah, does it include a module to hardwire to the car battery and stops power when the battery voltage drops too low? or does it only record periodically.
  7. Kansai-R

    IQ3 Winter Rims

    Yeah, I'm currently "watching" a 56.1 - 54.1 aluminium spigot ring on ebay.
  8. The setup costs around £900, I went for the costlier option as I wanted something with really good sound quality, personally if I would do it again, I would go for cheaper focal speakers and a larger 10" subwoofer. Still the factory installed "head unit" as everything is through the existing controls on the steering wheel. I've taken the door cards off to repair some loose wiring on the component speakers, so I can assist you with that, but anything behind the dash is a mystery to me.
  9. You can also take the power from the 12v cigarette socket via the fusebox in the passenger footwell. Means you won't have a cable hanging out and anyone accidently pulling on it. Although you have to remember to use an add-a-fuse adaptor with low profile mini fuses instead of the big European style ones.
  10. would be worrying if I had to rev to 5,000rpm in 5th gear just to get to 50mph. :D
  11. Kansai-R

    IQ3 Winter Rims

    Thanks G-Norman, I managed to find these out myself :p Since you showed a picture of your winter rims, I found a Mini Cooper Wheel List online with all the specs. Your response is much appreciated anyway. Thanks
  12. Funnily enough, I did the same thing at the end of September, same Bridgestone EP150 for the same price except from TyreLeader. I had a local guy I know balance with valves and disposal for £50. Sub £200 for all 4 tyres fitted is a bargain if you ask me!
  13. This is perfectly possible. I have installed in my IQ3 a Hertz Dieci DBA 200.3 subwoofer, Hertz Energy ESK 165.5 Component speakers (front only), powered by a Hertz HCP 2 amplifier tucked underneath the driver's seat. The difference between this setup and stock is night and day. I had this installed at Autosounds in Newcastle whilst I was studying there, but I am back in Edinburgh now. If you want to have a listen when you're here, just PM me. The only issue that I have is that the start stop system cuts off the amplifier momentarily, and so I usually turn the start stop feature off when I have music on.
  14. Good evening gents, Thanks for the advice so far, I've tried with a small nylon brush but with no luck. I have the Auris aswell with the washers hidden beneath the bonnet, and although they both look very similar, the opening where the fluid comes out from is slightly different. Anyway, off to the dealers to order a new set. :<
  15. Thanks for the help guys. I tried white vinegar and used an iPhone sim pin which eventually broke, but nothing seems to have worked. Last resort is to buy 2x of the oem washer jets from Toyota (85381-28220) for £17.44 each!