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  1. OK, So I drink a lot of energy drinks and there's always one sat in my avensis cup holder. I've never had an issue, today I return to the car and the can has exploded in the heat. The car is a state anyway so that's not the issue. The issue is the liquid has gone inside my stereo, which now doesn't work... I spend a minimum of 3 hours a day in this vehicle, I cannot not have a stereo! My question is will any like for like stereo work. I've had this unit out before to try and fit a parrot system but it simply wouldn't work, I figured it has something to do with this ancient Bury Bluetooth kit that is wired into every crevice of the car but i'm worried installing an eBay sourced stereo (I'll make sure it has the code obviously) will actually work? And also when I had my stereo out previously it was attached to my heater controls. There an easy to disattach this? I don't fancy mucking up my heater controls as well? Thanks in advance
  2. Orta


    In desperate need of some brakes at all four corners. Needing pads and discs. Found 130656737768 on the 'bay, seem a bargain. Can the performance be expected to be on a par with OEM articles? But also ran into http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Toyota_Avensis_2.0_2005/p/car-parts/brake-friction/brakes/brake-disc/?104820849&1&b2444323b702c604b64a78c966579e12bb4c869b&000027 works out much more expensive of course... What's the groups opinion? Unless anyone else has alternatives?
  3. Orta

    Avensis Colour

    Cheers everyone, will check my VIN next time I'm around the car in day light
  4. Orta

    Avensis Colour

    Mine is kind of a dirty silver. Sorry I can't get any pics I drive to work in the dark and home in the dark! It's not regular metallic silver it's almost like silver with a hint of beige in it. Do you guys know the colour I mean? Does anyone know it's name and/or colour code?
  5. Really? Because I can live with a heavy clutch as long as the car keeps going...
  6. Does heavy clutch always mean knackered flywheel or simply knackered clutch? My pedal is immensely heavy but there's no slipping or fault other than the weight of it. Follow up question; is it possible to source cheap clutch/dmf from a breakers and fit?
  7. Cheers both, got it sorted.
  8. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=301808101604&globalID=EBAY-GB This item says it compatible with my vehicle but is bigger than you say? Can anyone confirm or deny these will be ok?
  9. Ive just purchased a 2005 model with the above engine, so mine and yours would be the pre face lift 115bhp d4d and my web search yielded little to no issues with these cars. Mine has 153k on the clock with full service history and has never needed any major work and runs as sweet today as I'm sure it did new. There's s member of here who runs one as a taxi on 400k+ If reliability if your number 1 priority, over say driver experience, looks, pace, economy, tax Banding, badge appeal, etc etc, as mine is then these pre face lift mark 2 Avensis r golden
  10. That'd hell wouldn't it. 05 mark 2 d4d estate
  11. Hi all, Discs need replacing soon and want to do it on the cheap so will be want to source away from dealer/regular parts place so was wondering what diameter they are? Think they're 290mm?
  12. Sorry mate, which one can you get on payment instalments?
  13. Sorry dude this forum won't let me paste into it. Just search for 2008 t180. The car is black and the first picture has loads of banners and badges and stuff all over it
  14. Hi All, Was just trawling eBay for Auris' and this popped up. I know the topic of the SR-180s very dull interior has come up a few times as there's nothing that really makes it stand out. This car is a T180 and I'm not sure if it's factory or what but it looks pretty cool!