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  1. the calpier carrier pins, piston everythings fine i checked it then i went to a mates garage and we still couldnt find anything it just passed an mot but that mot print out did say the brakes have some resistance , my mate did say it might be the abs pump so i will have to plug a dianostics in and see whats going on thanks for your advice mate
  2. hi i currently have a pre face life corolla looking to gave it a face lift so if anyone is getting rid of there facelift bumper or know of anyone that is could you let me know and how much much appreciated :)
  3. hi folks hows it going ? im having a problem , my corolla t sport 2002 keeds going through brake pads but only at the n/s/r the wheels are sticking but the caliper and carrier isnt siezed. i was just wondering if theres a diagnostics plug for the brakes or if anyone knows how to fit it , (p.s the front o/s wheel is sticking to if that helps ) if you can get back to me about this that would be good cheers :)
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums jaysonkay :)

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