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  1. Search the forum - thanks for that. i'll remember such sage like wisdom in future years. How about forget the forum. i don't need power trippers taking the *****. Bye
  2. Looking around I find a great deal of variety in price and design for the towbar for my Yaris..( or have I got a verso?) and I'm happy to try and fit one myself. The electrics don't bother me and as a lapsed aircraft leccy I'm happy to splice away. But i can't find 2 images showing the same model of towbar. Anyone? Its a 99 V. John
  3. Well, I finally got off my brain and took the plunge. I picked up a cd player from a carboot for a tenner and bought the iso plug adaptor from fleabay for pennies. Then hummed and hahhed for ages about how difficult it would be to change the car stereo. Its a piece of wee. Honestly. I found the info on changing it ages ago but was worried that nothing would work afterwards. Seems I only have 8 thumbs. So now my old tapes can go back in the garage and the cd's can earn their keep! John http://www.funkymotors.ie/blog/2007/11/30/fitting-a-cd-player-to-toyota-yaris/
  4. cugsy

    Fuel Guage

    I'm constantly amazed at how much is left in mine after the single bar starts flashing. Twice I've pooped me pants and pulled into a garage (not for that reason) and filled the tank. Then I stand there wondering why it still had 6 or 7 litres still in it. I've never been close to the 45 litres it states in't handbook. Its a 99 V reg by the way. Mind you, one of my bikes has an analogue fuel gauge that goes onto reserve and still has 10 litres in it - !Removed! annoying. John
  5. cugsy

    Tow Bar

    £90 an hour? Really?
  6. cugsy

    Tow Bar

    I bought a yaris verso 99 auto a few months ago and have to admit its fine - comfy and fairly frugal. The radio has gone potty but thats fixable. One thing I wanted was a tow bar fitting to it. I googled a few companies and theres a bit of confusion over what to fit. I rang the guy who fitted one to my Espace a few years ago for a quote. I have to admit I nearly fell over. With single electrics and fitting it comes to £340 plus vat. So, thats over £400... Am I missing something? Is there something special about this little car that needs so much money spent on a towbar? Is there someon
  7. I meant to say tapping. Every bump is a rattle - there's a gap of about 2 mm and its bouncing off the window. I'll find some foam.. What about the tow bar guys?
  8. Bit of a vague title but lemme explain. I bought a 1.3 99 toyota yaris verso - mostly because it was a japanese automatic and hopefully cheaper to run than a 2.3 petrol Galaxy....actually it is. 38mpg rather than 25mpg. Anyway - I'm after rear parcel shelf. Does the yaris one fit? does it have to be a 99 or will any fit? I also want a towbar fitting with single electrics. Has anyone done it? How hard is it and is it a pro job? Do the electrics need splicing in or is there a module or similar to fit into? One last thing. Theres a lot of rattling from the rear - the upper brake light is lo
  9. Cheers for that. the other links on the site don't work. Hope these are good for my 99 beast! John
  10. Does this cover the yaris verso 'hatchback of notre dame'? I' have a 99 model and can't get the link to work. It says error...John
  11. Cheers folks. Can you point me to a good service manual? I don't think Haynes do one...do they?
  12. Well, I decided it was time to give up on the big guzzlers...Renault espace, galaxy, prairie etc. I only work 5 miles away and my bike is back on the road too. I had a look around and after some lookong at the kangoo and the Berlingo ...and the wife's say so I spotted a '99 (77K) yaris verso for £1500. The hatchback of notre dame according to What Car but its growing on me. I look forward to picking lots of brains.... John
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums cugsy :)

    1. cugsy


      Cheers Steve. Just bought Postman Pats car after years of galaxies and espacesesss...Hopefully it will be cheaper to run and more reliable. Good ole Jap cars eh?

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