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  1. Hi & welcome here...sadly they all do this, the simple answer into replace the bolts with stainless steel ones either in silver or black from ebay for somewhere between £30 & £50 depending what you choose and whether you need flat seated bolts or tapered ..the size you need is M12 x 1.5 x 47mm ...do you know which you have now? I can help link you if you like 🙂
  2. My 07 is on 199560 miles and all running really smoothly 🙂
  3. Just saying, re the Issho plush ...there are dozens of them on ebay 🙂 I dont have a mascot as such, but I call my car 'Joker' and have a few Joker stickers..It started as a bit of fun whenI started doing mods, my ex wife used to say, ''are you joking?' when I did a mod and it just stuck lol
  4. Thank you, I was very curious about this and whether I could make any changes but obviously not ....cheers for the reply
  5. Thank you, I was curious as to whether one could make the changes and get free tax 🙂
  6. For a 2007 petrol Aygo the road tax is £20 and the emissions are 109g/km For a 2013 petrol Aygo the road tax is £0 and emissions are 99g/km We all know its exactly same engine so what did they change to lower the emissions please?
  7. Thanks for the response, yes thats how I understand it to be, I currently have a guy arguing you can tow up to 700kg and I advised to check with his insurance, it looks pretty dangerous to me, one pot hole and it would flip over (I know this is a 107 but same car) I wondered how the law stands eg what the police would say
  8. Hi. I run a FB group and the question always comes up and causes a big debate on the legality of towing with these cars. I have looked for ages online trying to come up with a definitive answer. The handbook states the vehicles are not suitable for towing, yet you can buy tow bar kits. So what I'm asking is can anyone clarify this situation? Thanks
  9. £165 + switch about £25 + looms £50 + lots of extra bits & bobs not to mention the hours and hours of head scratching trying to make them fit ....I'm no auto electrician so even tho the guy is a mate I will need to pay him .......
  10. Can I call you Bob? .... Bob is it possible you have a diagram of the door wiring loom for an IQ 2010 ....I have managed to get a pair of complete looms ...Thanks
  11. No, they are completely different in the way they fit and even if they did, the shape of the Aygo base would not allow the IQ mirrors to fold in. .....Finally managed to get the new mirrors bolted on the car by drilling 3 new fixings points on the car. Had to cut a ''frame'' out of the old base plate so half way through doing the filler ....it won't look perfect but it will do.
  12. Ths is the Aygo mirror fully taken apart
  13. Here are the 2 mirrors from the back so you can see (hopefully) the mounting holes, I cant see a way to mount the new ones lower down as you suggested ...I also had to cut the back of the IQ one so it will sit flat to the car
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