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  1. I have them in my car but to be honest at night if there's no street lighting (proper dark) they are a bit to bright, I'm thinking of taking mine out. If you fit them (which is quite a fiddle) make sure you test them as they are polarised before you put all the dash back.
  3. Thanks Lee. Much appreciated. I notice re engine numbers, a lot seem to be 1KR EF but mine just says 1KR, is there a difference please?
  4. I have a petrol Aygo 2007 with manual gearbox which needs replacing. Does anyone know if the gearbox from the later Aygo is the same please?
  5. Good luck, I can't say I really notice the x winds, but after driving it for so long, perhaps I've just got used to it 😉
  6. Cheers ....I plan on keeping it as long as possible, just for the hell of it lol.....people often ask me when I'm going to get a new car/ and my response is " why would I do that? my little car costs £20 a year to tax it, a couple of hundred for full business insurance and just under 60 miles per gallon, it does everything I need it to do" 😀
  7. Hi All Good news today my little 07 Aygo passed its MOT with a little adjustment to handbrake...142300 miles and going strong, long may it continue 😀
  8. Hi, you would usually gently prise the unit up out of the bumper with a small screwdriver, but you say yours has fallen into the bumper, can you not reach up from underneath? You may need to remove the bumper if not.......This link may be of some use
  9. Hi Paul Please could you tell me where you managed to get a replacement? Both of mine are missing, thanks to the baboons at Longleat 😉 Cheers Colin
  10. Colin J.S


    go on eBay and search 'replacement led bulbs for toyota aygo' there's plenty, but Frosty is correct they are not street legal in UK and it will give Police a valid reason to stop you, I wouldn't risk the stiff fine, points on my licence and increased insurance as a result. If its brighter headlights you want you can buy them in Halfords, they are expensive but legal
  11. Colin J.S

    Citroen c1

    Have a look at a post titled Electrical Problem by aygo_rory on page 2 of the forum
  12. Whatever.............I was just trying to have a bit of banter with know a forum for like minded enthusiasts to share and enjoy each others tales and help each other .........I clearly over stepped the boundary and now completely understand why you chose the name of Frostyballs ...........I thought that as you are management and I inserted a 'smiley' emoji you may of grasped that......... Clearly not.........please accept my humble apologies for upsetting you!!!
  13. Colin J.S

    Any advice

    Hiya............agree with above about getting it money would say a loose battery terminal (earth side) or loose other end of earth cable where bolted to chassis ....please let us know the outcome 😉
  14. Oh Mr Frosty.......I have never ever seen an automatic with a clutch point was that you said this also applies to manual cars after you had explained how to start an auto by depressing the clutch pedal it April 1st by any chance lol 😉
  15. HA! notice the 'removed' bit above? I literally typed your user name without the numbers 1001 😉