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  1. Colin J.S


    Hi All Got my first 100k badge today, all the way from Canada. There is a UK club but the badges start at 150k. Anyone else collect them? Not sure where to put it yet, its very good quality and is designed to stick on outside the car but i might get a tax disc holder and pop it inside..
  2. Colin J.S

    Toyota Aygo Start up problem

    Hi, sorry to hear your car won't start, does it at least sound as though its firing? (almost bursting into life or nothing) check the obvious, does it have fuel in the tank? Are you using the key that has the remote for unlocking (that one has the transponder) does that key unlock/lock the doors remotely ok? If not then the battery might be dead and that could prevent it starting Im no mechanic just trying to help.....
  3. Colin J.S

    Xmas Eve Work on the Aygo

    not to sure if aimed at me re 'raspy' bot i think so...........still needs to be said that Europats is a rip off.........get the same part for 28 off fleabay for 28 .........i just joined "toyota High milage club' get a badge/sticker for every 1k mileage (NB mileage not km) so my first is on the way.........there is a uk club but it starts at 150k ,,,,,,,,,watch this space as I accumulate badges re my mileage to all.........
  4. Colin J.S

    Xmas Eve Work on the Aygo

    Hiya I wouldn't exactly describe it as sporty...all Aygo's sound a bit 'raspy' just standard...........and yes its a Klarius!
  5. Colin J.S

    Xmas Eve Work on the Aygo

    Happy Christmas to your Aygo (and you of course) 😉 I treated mine to 2 front tyres yesterday then took my 12yr old to the cinema.......on the way back home it decided to split its back it sorted today thanks to good old Europarts at £60 annoying when I could get the same part off eBay for £28 so had fun in the rain changing that today.......had to have it as working tomorrow....hey ho! Good Luck with your service tomorrow 😉
  6. Colin J.S

    Fuel Consumption

    Hi Sam I can only offer my opinion. If I remember correctly, 0W20 used to be not so easily available and rather expensive so it was the easier/cheaper option to use 5W30. 0W20 is now as cheap and easy to obtain (some great deals on eBay) Personally I don't go for so called genuine Toyota oil, I believe you are paying way over the top for the packaging, if you read the 'ingredients' you get exactly the same grade with the cheaper options. All I can say is in my experience the MPG improves. The oil is thinner so it gets flowing around the engine quicker especially from cold and surely that must reduce wear on the engine. It generally sounds quieter and feels smoother . I haven't been around on here for a while and have been reading all the posts. I have noticed re your story that your MPG seems exceptionally poor but Im sorry I don't really have any suggestions for you. It could just be the performance exhaust (not sure if you've modded the air intake) I haven't bothered with any performance mods as (again, only my opinion) for what very little significant gain in power is offset by the increase in fuel consumption, which kinda defeats the object of having an Aygo.....(each to their own of course). Colin. 😉
  7. Colin J.S

    Fuel Consumption

    Hi.......are you servicing yourself or by a garage? The reason Im asking is that apparently the sump plug isn't in the perfect place and whilst you think all the oil has drained out, there is actually almost a pint that doesn't drain out, so you're never really getting 100% fresh oil when you re-fill. After draining I usually whip the sump off to completely drain it........not sure how much your service person would want but might be worth it as a one off as you're switching the oil grade.....just a thought, It will be interesting to see what you think once its done 😉
  8. Colin J.S

    Fuel Consumption

    Hi All Just worked out my MPG and thought I'd share...My Aygo is an 07 with 131,514 on the clock. I average about 500 miles a week and change my oil, filters, plugs etc every 4 months. I used to use 5W-30 and 2 oil changes ago, I changed to 0W-20. In my opinion this was a good choice, it has improved the MPG by about 10% and it just feels better, especially when the engine is cold. Anyway. dividing the mileage by the litres used, then multiplying by 4.544 my MPG is currently 57 .....I'm happy with that 😉
  9. Colin J.S

    Aygo mk2 rev counter

    I think you would have to buy a complete head unit
  10. Colin J.S

    Aygo engine whirring noise

    Hi Magic123028.........I think a lot of folk have the exact same issue/worry, My Aygo has done 131,000 and Ive just changed the timing chain and water pump and its made a difference but its not perfect. It only does it when the engine is cold and not noticeable if I drive gently until its warmed up. What oil do you use? I use 0w-20 which is quite thin so even when cold will get round the engine quite quickly.....I always change the oil filters and plugs every 4 months as i do relatively high could be the plug gap (don't assume they are set correct straight out the box) and could easily be a tiny pin hole of a leak from exhaust manifold ........I don't think we'll ever get a definitive answer to this 😉
  11. Colin J.S

    Clutch replacement cost

    And like 007matt suggested, get a quote from a local mobile mechanic ........they don't have many overheads, totally rely on repeat work/recommendations/reputation and usually get the job done a whole lot cheaper and quicker........
  12. Colin J.S

    Clutch replacement cost

    I have heard that when replacing the clutch plate it is well worth upgrading it to a Yaris clutch plate which is heavier duty and lasts a lot longer.......its a straight swap I believe...... Mine had one fitted just before I bought the car and Ive done 101k since then with no issues......
  13. Colin J.S

    Photo of your Aygo!

    Hi Sam.... Thankyou for the compliment! I got a left hand drive Rev counter (cheap on eBay) and basically took it apart, created the clock face on photographic print paper and got cheap clock movement off eBay ........the mounting is already in the car, if you take the shroud off you will see.........If you look at the inside of the shroud you will see markings that show exactly where to cut it (I used a 2'' dremel bit attached to a drill) (thats like a very small disc cutter) ............there is no wiring loom as its already used for the rev counter......however if you was to get a spare wiring loom it isn't hard to splice and join to the original so the clock would light up...........(wiring loom for hardly anything from a breakers yard).........hope that helps.....are you going to replicate?? Ive never seen another....... Cheers.......Colin
  14. Colin J.S

    Photo of your Aygo!

    Hi, here's mine, had it about 6 years, it had 30k miles when I got it, it has 131k now and still drives like new,,,,
  15. Colin J.S

    Dangerous Aygo Windows pt2

    Hi ALL........Before I read about this issue on here, this happened to me about 7 months ago. I noticed a lot of wind noise and noticed my back passenger window had come unattached at the top hinge (I didnt realise they were attached with glue at this point) I checked the drivers side to see if I could see how and with the gentlest of pressure, this top hinge also came unstuck! I purposely pulled the bottom hinges off on both sides, cleaned the mating surfaces re-glued them and clamped and left overnight. I depend on my car for work and I thought I'd give it a go as I simply didn't have time to mess around taking it to Toyota. The product I used is similar to "No Nails" and 7 months later its still as strong as the day I glued it.......Its been through an exceptionally hot summer and now heading into winter having temps at freezing with no problems....I guess time will tell. Just thought I'd share in case you was thinking of having a go yourself....heres a pic of the product I used, available from most DIY stores