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  1. As said above If 5 door, check you rear window hinges (see if you can move the glass away from the hinge top and bottom) I had the same on mine about 3 years ago. There is a recall so Toyota will fix for free. I didn't have time and simply re-glued myself using a glue similar to 'No nails' you cant see the repair and as I say about 3 years ago .....
  2. That looks good, whatever you fancy its your car so make it your own I have seen all kinds of colour combo's 😉
  3. Hi. would you say its an engine noise or maybe something else? I'm guessing you check your engine oil frequently? How old are your tyres are they in good condition? Pressures correct? If it gets progressively worse/noisier it could be a wheel bearing thats worn (it will get louder as it wears and makes a noise similar to a worn out washing machine, like a droning sound) really hard to say without more info 😉
  4. The Dynamic side indicators also fit mk2
  5. Hi Nicolas, Thank you. The wheels are actual paint and the stripes are just Vinyl that I bought 2 rolls of different width. Re the rev counter, the extra one is from a LHD car that I took apart and built a clock inside, I haven't really done much inside, different head unit, underseat sub, upgraded all speakers and added extra in rear doors. just minor touches. I know there are less aftermarket parts for the mk2, depends what you want, there are lowering kits and the sports exhaust's like sportex and Duplex made for mk1's will fit with minor changes to the brackets
  6. Thanks Bob, I was searching rev counter/tachometer, thats awesome, Thanks also for your help yesterday re the wiper, I decided to go for the one Neil suggested as I was certain it would fit 😉
  7. Agent Orange, this is the only LHD I can find at the moment, little bit pricey though https://www.ebay.fr/itm/SPEEDOMETER-TACHOMETER-ENGINE-SPEEDOMETER-TACHOMETER-ORIGINAL-PEUGEOT-107-6106SF/323447244811?hash=item4b4ef5480b:g:KUwAAOSwJihcdqSr P.S went to Wilco this morning, Thanks for that 😉
  8. Just thought I'd add this short video to the collection (couldn't work out how to edit it into the original post 😉 IMG_2162_2.MOV
  9. Hi All, Ive been quiet for a while but I thought I'd pop in and show you some photo's . I've had my car since 30k and in the last 6 years I'm now on 173k original engine, just wear and tear stuff, brakes, a couple of wheel bearings, changed the timing chain at 120k (waste of time really) anyways enough talking, here's some photo's 1st is how I got it ....Come and show me yours 😉
  10. Agent Orange (Neil) (I love that name) hahaha of course I will answer your questions mate. First of all, thank you for the compliments and I took ages trying to find the balance of what is ok and what was trashy/common etc so tried to be a little different. Ok, so wheels......yes Mini One pepper pots obviously painted they are 15" 5.5j et(offset)45mm the car is not lowered (but might be soon) spigot rings to enable hub centric running are 56.1 - 54.1 .....tyres are 185/50/R15 with no rubbing. The fronts do sit close to callipers and possibly if I had brand new pads they may rub in which case
  11. Well Hello Neil, I'm great thanks, and you? I will look into that, thanks, I tend to go on facebook groups as no offence to here but it all seems to work quicker and a lot more busy so always plenty to chat to, I'm a moderator on one of them but use several .......My car has changed drastically since we last spoke
  12. Yes.....Yeah, I know the guy that runs citybugstore he only does 14"
  13. Great, Ive had the 16" for several years and usually just replace the rubber but the plastic part of the blade is getting brittle .......alternatively a different arm with the 'hook' type fitting but I wouldn't have a clue as to whether the spindles are the same size......I appreciate you trying to help me 😉
  14. Hi all, some time ago someone advised me I could fit a 16" blade instead of the standard 12" which I did, keeping the original arm. I need to get a new blade but I'm not sure what I'm looking for due to the fitting. Can anyone steer me in the right direction please 😉
  15. Hi I have an Aygo 2007. A long time ago someone here advised me on upgrading my rear wiper from 12" to 16" I need to buy a new blade and due the fitting I'm not sure what I'm looking for, my arm is standard so blade has that type of fitting, can anyone point me in the right direction, Thanks

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