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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday Oli!

  2. Thanks for the replies people. Keep them coming good or bad
  3. Just wanted your opinion on these guys? £4.99 Clicky
  4. These where original purchased off Stephen G (Celica-Club) and never fitted. I paid £220 + P&P I'll take £200 + P&P for hopefully a quick sale. (Also open to offers) The reason they are going is because i need the money, they have never been fitted by me. Here's the original post.
  5. Oli

    7th Gen Mods

    As for mod's i've got fitted TRD Exhaust Cold air intake B&M Short Shifter RMM Spark Plug Cover TRD Badge I've got a few to be fitted as well TRD LSD :D UR Pulleys Oil Pressure Gauge JDM Centre console with space for 6in TV Next Planed mod's TRD or Trial Manifold 13:1 Pistons
  6. Oli

    7th Gen Mods

    On a 140 i would of thought about 40 - 50Bhp. Only a guess though.
  7. The B&M kit arrived today but still no RMM cover
  8. No problem mate. I'll PM them to you ASAP
  9. Just because you haven't had any problems doesn't mean there the <the spuds of lurrrrvve>s. He always says he'll do stuff but never does. The stuff still hasen't arrived today. Cheers for the reply but it was on special at £19.99 and if you need to get it from the states i'm sure you can match that. I've looked at your site and i'll make it my 1st choice for my next order. Do you stock any manifolds for the 2003 celica tsport? (The 03 model is different to the 00 - 02)
  10. Ok mate.. If you did need any help with sorting the posts i'll gladly help..
  11. I always give them a 2nd chance. I should of learnt the 1st time.
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