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  1. Now on Ze Bay :D Racing Hart Wheels Nardi Racing Steering Wheel Rev 3 Steering Wheel Rev 3 spoiler Pair of side Vents
  2. Having a bit of clearout and I now have various MR2 bits for sale. I live in Northampton and don’t mind posting/couriering any of the parts, the cost of which will of course be extra :) Any questions please shout! Thanks, Gareth :mrgreen: vmp_frost@yahoo.com RACING HART 15” WHEELS The wheels would make a great Track / rough use set as although the outside of the rims been kerbed, the wheels themselves are in otherwise good condition, and are lightweight – The tyres all have lots of tread left on them. Wheels: Fronts 15x7, Rears 15x7.5 Tyres: Fronts 205 The Front Tyres are 195,55,R15,
  3. Looks like it should come with a free moustache ;)
  4. CAR IS NOW SOLD -THANKS :) My dad has now decided he can no longer justify owning (and never driving) his 94 Turbo and as such it's up for sale! It's a 1994 GT-S (rev-3, Turbo) in white with the T-bar roof, it has just done 63,000 miles, is taxed until next year and has 11 months MOT, we are the 2nd UK owners and I have all UK service history and import papers. The other details are: * It has Aircon (with climate control) - (the same as my GT spec!) * Cat 1 Clifford Alarm * 12 Disc CD changer and head unit * 16" Alloys * Trust/Greddy dual stainless Exhaust system * HKS Induction Kit (It ev
  5. It the bolt on the top that you want to adjust Mr :)
  6. there is a bolt on the top of the BOV unit - adjusting that alters the boost preasure it vents at - that should do the trick for you :) -It's alos a great excuse to drive up and down the road setting it off "just to see" what noises it makes at different preasure's / attachments ;) -Gareth
  7. He he - well again - nice to see you again Kim and Mark!! - that only took us what 3 meets ;) I think I'll be going with to Silverstone for the D1 too somehow ;) so see you guys then :D Regards, Gareth
  8. anda few more - the S15 and 5 door R34 were driven by the Jap. D1 drivers and were awesome!!!
  9. I went along (I was the Blue MR2 parked just behind the LOC stnad) I saw and Said hello to Mr and Mrs S.C. Yaris - which blended in nicely with the IS200's ;) - Hope you guys didnt get to drowned before the end - anyhow heres my pics of the day..... Regards, Gareth :D
  10. Leaving between 9:20 - 9:30 After a Maccy Dees sounds good to me Garrick- see you all tmrw :) I'll be at the Hungry Horse to lead the Northants Jap convoy from 08:45 so if your travelling from distance I MIGHT get you a coffee ;) Cheers, Gareth
  11. If you can get some I'd be very intreasted :D
  12. I had a great day, and it was nice to meet so many of you and how friendly (but not in a 'odd' way) everyone was :D Hope you all got back safely, and heres a FEW pics..... (Admins sorry beat me with a bandwith stick if you like ;) ) lil tricke bike thingy Bizzare Car (near lane) Dodge Charger :) ? Some Scoob on Scoob action Cortina Coffin Carrier ***** Dastardly rollin on "dub" Porsche powered "vee-dub" and finally..... The Pub car park line up :D
  13. At the Derby IMOC meet there was talk (from who I dont know) of the fog light looking "!Removed!" as I remember ;) Glad your gettin on better with the car now Shaft, pics looking good! -Gareth :)
  14. Sounds good to me, a few days to find some courage for "the strip" Cheers, Gareth :D
  15. lol -well mines quite simlar to the one on that site -it has a few more miles but a few engine mods and genuine Veilside skirts ......... so does anybody wanna give say 8 grand :D ??
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