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  1. Now on Ze Bay :D Racing Hart Wheels Nardi Racing Steering Wheel Rev 3 Steering Wheel Rev 3 spoiler Pair of side Vents
  2. Having a bit of clearout and I now have various MR2 bits for sale. I live in Northampton and don’t mind posting/couriering any of the parts, the cost of which will of course be extra :) Any questions please shout! Thanks, Gareth :mrgreen: RACING HART 15” WHEELS The wheels would make a great Track / rough use set as although the outside of the rims been kerbed, the wheels themselves are in otherwise good condition, and are lightweight – The tyres all have lots of tread left on them. Wheels: Fronts 15x7, Rears 15x7.5 Tyres: Fronts 205 The Front Tyres are 195,55,R15, “Ultima’s” The Rears Tyres are 205,15, R15 BF Goodrich’s All at the bargain price of £150 !! ORIGINAL REV. 3 SPOILER Taken from my 1993 rev 3 MR2 in Colour 8B6 (sometimes called Caribbean Blue). The spoiler has no dents or scratches and is in very good condition. £70 ORIGINAL SIDE VENTS 1X DRIVER SIDE, 1X PASSENGER SIDE (Again) Taken from my 1993 rev 3 MR2 in Colour 8B6 (sometimes called Caribbean Blue). They have visible damage and are in good condition. £25 each ORIGINAL REV3 STERRING WHEEL Taken from my (old/other) 1993 MR2 Turbo, at 55k miles. The leather is in very good condition. The connector to the horn is not included, but the horn adapter of your present steering wheel should be able fixed on in 2 mins. £30 ‘NARDI RACING’ STEERING WHEEL Comes with Boss to fit any mk2 (don’t know if it will fit mk1’s or 3’s –sorry!). The steering wheel is (roughly) 32 cm’s across and is in very good condition. Apparently these go for some cash, all I want is £50 for it (this one even includes the horn adapter!) £50 ORIGINAL REV 3 TURBO SPRINGS Taken from my 93 rev3 Turbo at 55k miles, though a lil dirty in good order. £25 ono Any questions please shout! Thanks, Gareth :mrgreen:
  3. Looks like it should come with a free moustache ;)
  4. CAR IS NOW SOLD -THANKS :) My dad has now decided he can no longer justify owning (and never driving) his 94 Turbo and as such it's up for sale! It's a 1994 GT-S (rev-3, Turbo) in white with the T-bar roof, it has just done 63,000 miles, is taxed until next year and has 11 months MOT, we are the 2nd UK owners and I have all UK service history and import papers. The other details are: * It has Aircon (with climate control) - (the same as my GT spec!) * Cat 1 Clifford Alarm * 12 Disc CD changer and head unit * 16" Alloys * Trust/Greddy dual stainless Exhaust system * HKS Induction Kit (It even includes my cars 'donated' mud flaps ... what more do you want!) The car has recently had a new cam belt fitted and had a major service 2k miles ago by a independent Toyota Specialist. Everything on the car works and overall the car is in very good condition.
  5. It the bolt on the top that you want to adjust Mr :)
  6. there is a bolt on the top of the BOV unit - adjusting that alters the boost preasure it vents at - that should do the trick for you :) -It's alos a great excuse to drive up and down the road setting it off "just to see" what noises it makes at different preasure's / attachments ;) -Gareth
  7. He he - well again - nice to see you again Kim and Mark!! - that only took us what 3 meets ;) I think I'll be going with to Silverstone for the D1 too somehow ;) so see you guys then :D Regards, Gareth
  8. anda few more - the S15 and 5 door R34 were driven by the Jap. D1 drivers and were awesome!!!
  9. I went along (I was the Blue MR2 parked just behind the LOC stnad) I saw and Said hello to Mr and Mrs S.C. Yaris - which blended in nicely with the IS200's ;) - Hope you guys didnt get to drowned before the end - anyhow heres my pics of the day..... Regards, Gareth :D
  10. Leaving between 9:20 - 9:30 After a Maccy Dees sounds good to me Garrick- see you all tmrw :) I'll be at the Hungry Horse to lead the Northants Jap convoy from 08:45 so if your travelling from distance I MIGHT get you a coffee ;) Cheers, Gareth
  11. If you can get some I'd be very intreasted :D
  12. I had a great day, and it was nice to meet so many of you and how friendly (but not in a 'odd' way) everyone was :D Hope you all got back safely, and heres a FEW pics..... (Admins sorry beat me with a bandwith stick if you like ;) ) lil tricke bike thingy Bizzare Car (near lane) Dodge Charger :) ? Some Scoob on Scoob action Cortina Coffin Carrier ***** Dastardly rollin on "dub" Porsche powered "vee-dub" and finally..... The Pub car park line up :D
  13. At the Derby IMOC meet there was talk (from who I dont know) of the fog light looking "!Removed!" as I remember ;) Glad your gettin on better with the car now Shaft, pics looking good! -Gareth :)
  14. Sounds good to me, a few days to find some courage for "the strip" Cheers, Gareth :D
  15. lol -well mines quite simlar to the one on that site -it has a few more miles but a few engine mods and genuine Veilside skirts ......... so does anybody wanna give say 8 grand :D ??