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  1. I think the tourist season has come early. ... Or was it the influence of Friday's Scotsman motoring pages or the motors.co.uk north paper (also from Friday) which both test drove the new Porsche cayman up the Bealach? And everyone else decided to have a go as well ...? There were queues on the route (much more busy than last August when I was up but not in my beloved MR2). Three cars passed me at the bottom as I was taking photos. When I was heading down there were another three cars behind one driver all champing at the bit (the look on the leading driver's face as I waited in a passing plac
  2. Pictures from my drive on Friday - Bealach na Ba in Wester Ross. Absolutely superb! Hope you are inspired!
  3. On advice from my garage I had the rear discs and pads replaced on my MR2 (2004 with 85,000 miles) at the end of January. I took care with the discs to wear them in. I have driven around 600/700 miles since the discs were changed. This has been on motorways, A road, country backroads and some town driving. However, since the two discs were changed they have both been running constantly hot - over a distance of 12 miles and moderate braking you can burn the skin off your fingers, and hear the tink, tink, tink of cooling brake discs after the car has stopped. The discs heat up even if I don't us
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums Hector Munro :)

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