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  1. Get yourself on CorollaClubUk :) more e11 owners on there to which can help :)
  2. I'll have a look for them tomorrow and make sure I have a complete kit :) I'll get back to you 😃
  3. The lamps work of the stalk that's how they are ment to be wired, I guess you could fit 3rd party fogs and run and new cable and switch through the bulk head, but that's an effort :/
  4. Someone on Corolla Club UK About a year ago :) the kit includes: Two fog lamps Two fog lamp covers 2 screws Indicator stick with foglight switch on Relay
  5. Make sure u specify what variation of E11 u have as the parts are different :) both items are like hens teeth!!
  6. I fitted the genuine foglamps to my FL E11 :) I managed to source a complete OEM kit. They make the front end look a lot nicer :)
  7. It's the standard front splitter which has Been molded to the front bumper and sprayed gloss black! Available for Mr T still @ £120 for the splitter and fixings :)
  8. I have a spare door speaker with complete mounting points when they are pot riveted to the door.
  9. Sidelights are: 501's the wedge type :P
  10. Keep an eye on eBay as there was one on there the other day. Just use different search terms as it will generate slightly different results. Try: Corolla SR Corolla Toyota corolla Vvti 2001/2000 Ect :)
  11. Your model is a 'liftback' :D
  12. Go onto the terraclean website and drop in your post code! They might have something :)
  13. A local garage close to me only 1 of 2 in Norfolk so in led to believe. Cost £65 + VAT so totals £78 which is cheaper still than the recommended price from terraclean themselves :)
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