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  1. thanks brian , i am going to my local toyota garage in next few days with another problem i have [ whirling noise when moving ] but will have a word about your post with the garage
  2. you were right about it being in the glove box ... that's where they put the connection when you buy the upgrade
  3. no its not them i have a idea it may be a bearing ...but thanks for post toyota dealer didnt know what was making the whirring noise , said to bring it in when next due for service and leave overnight ..not a great deal of help . called in at my local halfords centre ...the mechanic there [ mark ] very helpful came out with me ..heard the noise and thought it was a "dry clutch bearing" that was making the noise said to leave it untill it got worse then replace unit ...only thing is the " whirring noise " sometimes goes away completely ...very weird !!!
  4. taking it in to the local toyota dealer in llandudno first to see what he thinks
  5. just bought the rav4 xt5 2007 and on the test drive everything seemed fine [ but was around town ] but on my way home i noticed a whirring like noise when cruising in any gear but more noticeable when i was accelerating it doesn't go when i dip the clutch and its not there when i rev at stationary any ideas please ..
  6. My 2007 XT5 is fitted with the B9004 Sat Nav unit and basically you do not have the facility to play an Ipod unless an upgrade has been fitted. What I had to do was buy the extra kit and then fit it as a plug in behind the unit. You have to remove it from the dash to do this. Check this out and you will see what was needed. When fitted, if you press the CD button twice it looks for any auxilary input. There are many good strings in the club covering unit removal and replacement and I do not doubt that several offers of help will follow if required. Good Luck Brian ok yes got it .thanks brian ...they do a conversion at my local toyota garage so phone call tomorrow to check on price but it looks like it comes through the glove box
  7. thanks brian, but i cant see any post relating to my question about i-pod in rav ?
  8. yes your right it hasn't got one ....very strange !!!
  9. many thanks for the info i have a tracker and will contact them ..
  10. hi grasshopper you say a slight whining noise , i am new to rav4 been a honda driver for years , bought my 2007 xt5 last week and noticed this noise when on the overrun but seems quieter when warm ? its almost like a air being sucked in noise when i am accelerating cant really explain it though you say disconnecting the battery gave improvements this safe for me to do? i mean not being very mechanical like... any dangers to doing this will it upset any settings on the car ?? thanks belknap anglesey
  11. many thanks will do a search
  12. hello just joined the forum and only got my rav 4 xt5 yesterday ...i am amazed that it hasnt got a connection for a i pod or am not finding it ? anyone tell me please ..the car is 2007 model xt5 ..thanks
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums belknap :)