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  1. Thanks for the reply, I suspected as much with the clutch. It doesn't slip when pulling away from 1st, it just isn't as smooth a change as my previous car. I'm still unsure whether it's down to the clutch going, or my driving skills, or lack thereof. Unfortunately the car came with no warranty when purchased. Is this potentially a large and costly problem?
  2. I've just noticed a strange noise on starting up my Corolla T Sport. I've only just purchased the car so i'm still familiarising myself with it. The best way to describe the noise is a sharp almost hissing sound, similar to the noise that's made when a key is kept on the ignition for too long when starting a car up. The car is a 03 PFL with 95k. Other than this one issue the car drives great, there are no other tell tale signs, with maybe the exception of the clutch. If a previous post I have read is correct, does the bite sit fairly high? Any help or other words of advice would be greatly ap
  3. Good Evening TOC! I thought I'd come on and say hello and tell you all my story. As of yesterday I took delivery of my new car, a pre face lift CTS with just over 95000 miles on it. The car is utterly spotless and drives like a car with half the mileage. It came with a full service history, which is a must, large spec and all this for £2000. My poor old 1993 Eunos was on it's last legs and I had to take the plunge towards buying a new car. I wanted something that was more practical than the Mazzer but retained a sporty feel. After looking at various motors from Audis, BMW's to Civic VTI-S' I d
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums Mdy6246 :)

    1. Mdy6246


      Thank you Steve! I am currently uploading my introduction as we speak. I look forward to becoming part of the Toyota Owners club

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