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  1. I have I followed the video I shared on page 30. Literally plugged it in, it worked. Sounds like your garage is talking ****, or they just don;t know and couldn;t be bothered to look for you. Since you're in cumbria, you have a UK model, it should be the same as mine But depends which model Auris you have, your profile says 2011. I think that's the older model. so results may vary
  2. Justy wantedto say thank you all £7.99 and 20 minutes later, i just added cruise control to my car
  3. Thanks for the heads up and confirmation, I'll check a video online of the removal process so I can understand it. I saw that part higher up as I scanned most pages in this thread! I'm not sure where that fits. I assume it fits where there is currently a blanking plate on the steering column. but I've also read that only some cars have this blanking plate, some do not have it at all... Any clarity on that? Edit: Oh, It's this simple!
  4. Hi All I haven't been here for a long time. I had to sell my Auris due to financial difficulty and now I'm back on my feet I'm buying a new one of the same age mine would have been. (I miss that car so much). This is the new car. The only feature this doesn't have which mine had is the Cruise Control. is there any way to tell if this car (before I commit to buying) will allow me to install it by just getting one of these? I can't believe how easy it is to find this part or how cheap it is and how easy it is to install. For anyone in the UK who wants a link to the part, here it is
  5. How much did it cost to have this done? Are there any other customisation a worth mentioning?
  6. Hi thanks for the response, yeah I have tried upper deck, lower deck and lower deck with the upper deck shelf underneath. Just to confirm the liners I went back to the toyota parts dealer today looking for the original liner. The Auris and non Auris liners have exactly the same part numbers. Thanks everyone.
  7. Yeah, that's not helpful. I suppose it's still early and some kind if name will eventually stick. I was going to start a topic regarding what we call the new Auris, personally I'm a fan of Auris II.
  8. I guess I've just got used to getting out of my Yaris and walking away. Now I have the Auris with push button start, I could just keep the key in my pocket once it's unlocked. But because the autolock feature is gone I need to pull the keyfob all the way out of my pocket and press the lock button all the way down................ Life is so hard.
  9. Thanks for the reply No I think I have the wrong liner, and I think the seller is trying to shaft me. Wants to charge me for return post and to post what he calls "the correct one" back to me! The parts where it doesn't fit are where the lips are for the hideaway shelf, which I'm sure are in all 2012 Auris.
  10. Thanks everyone, Has my new Auris for 2 days and I must say I love it. First automatic transmission one had so I feel a bit lazy there but it is so much fun to drive this thing. Can I bring myself to mod a brand new car? Yes, I think so.
  11. Weird question but does the new Auris allow auto locking doors if you leave the car? I've just sold a Yaris where the doors would lock about a minute after I left the car, but this feature is not in the Auris as far as I've seen. Is it not there or is this possibly one of them dealer customisable things?
  12. Hi everyone, is there any way to disable the reverse beep on the Auris II? I've seen a guide for the Prius, which I've tried to follow but I don't have the odometer button on my touch and go console that the guide asks you to press. The Ido is constantly on in the centre dash. I've searched the forum and google but can't find the answer. Can anyone tell me how to disable the reverse beeps, please.
  13. Hi everyone. Just bough a boot liner which doesn't fit for my Auris Hybrid. The seller is telling me that the Hybrid boot is different to the none hybrid boot. Now I know it was in the original Auris as there was a massive battery in there. But the guy at the dealership told me that the battery is now under the seat so the boot is the same as the non Hybrid Auris. Does anyone know for certain?
  14. Hi Everyone, Just ordered the new Auris and I'm looking over some of the subtle mod options available, I'm looking to change the ambient lighting inside the car, so I'm swapping out all LED's for a new colour and getting some footwell lighting, dyeing up the upholstery a dark colour, However the Toyota Touch and Go in the new Auris is blue, and the one in a Yaris was red. I've tried goggling the different colours available but there doesn't seem to be a list, which is something people mite be interested in..... So; Yaris III = Red Auris II = Blue I'm after an orange version and have seen pictures on google images of one but not sure what it's from and that;s the version I'm after. Can I install a touch and go from any other vehicle into my Auris (are they all the same kit?), if not is it possible to change the colour with a software edit or firmware flash? Finally, I just have the Touch system, if I put a Touch and Go system in, will I have then have Sat-Nav back? If anyone Knows any other colours of current Touch systems, post here and I'll add to the list.
  15. Hi everyone, Been totally out of the car scene for years after selling my much loved Astra G, in place of a company car and then owning a Yaris for the last year. Now I'm waiting on delivery of the new Auris and cant wait to start tweaking it. Hope to speak with everyone more soon