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  1. Dave Thank you for this most comprehensive response. Clearly it has given me all the assurances I need. The amount of data via the link is incredible. At the risk of sounding crass, engineering has come a long way since my first BMC "A" Series. Clive
  2. Thank you for your responses guys. I wouldn't be concerned had my previous Aygo, an early 2nd generation one, made the same noise but I had it for 6 years and was never aware of the noise that this one makes. Perhaps the noise baffling was more efficient on my last one. Because of lockdown restrictions I have only done 1700 miles in this one and I have faith in Toyota for reliability and precision. I'll plod on and get used to it. I think the theory of a 3 cylinder engine is a great idea with bigger pistons, tougher conrods and bearings etc.
  3. I changed my 6 year old one owner Aygo last November for a new Aygo X-Clusiv. I'm a big fan of the model and very pleased with the new car in almost every respect apart from one. When the engine has warmed up, and not before, I get a sort of rasping sound under load. I don't think it's from the engine and feel it's more power train associated. As my previous Aygo was 2014 I hope that some modification has taken place to alter the engine noise and that my concerns are unfounded. I haven't contacted Toyota yet as it's only a mechanical noise and may be normal with newer models. Can anyone
  4. Just removed the dipstick and a black rubber grommet fell to ground. Is it part of the dipstick as I can't think where else it came from and it slides back onto the dipstick up to the hilt under the round handle? Can anyone confirm for me please?
  5. My 2014 Aygo (latest model) which I have owned from new forms deposits of small white particles under the driver's seat. I have discussed this with my dealer on a number of occasions but still haven't solved the problem. My dealer said it is the result of a filter but I can't see any sign of a filter directly under the driver's seat. I feel it may be whatever the seat is filled with but when I mentioned that it fell on deaf ears. Has anyone on this forum experienced the same or have any ideas?
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums CLIVE4004 :)

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