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  1. I have found that brisk acceleration (like a normal car) up to close to required speed seems to drastically improve fuel performance & then gliding or gentle acceleration to engage the electric motor. A normal 11 mile daily trip used to be about 40-48mpg & using brisk acceleration I am now achieving 55-60mpg - I even got 61mpg on 1 trip Thanks for all your help guys, much better support here than Toyota's Technical Support!
  2. Why am I not getting 72.4mpg? I try to drive this the proper way (I think) for hybrids - gentle acceleration, gentle braking etc but only 50mpg sucks!
  3. Hi, 1st of all please look at pic attached I can turn on the side lights, dipped & main beam lights but, the 5 led's horizontally & the 4 led's vertically at the side I cannot work out a) what they do b) how to turn them on or off Anybody any ideas as they never seem to illuminate? They don't appear to be daytime running lights or side lights Thanx
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