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  1. Hi We have a 2005 (55 plate) Rav4 with the 2ltr D4D engine, colour silver. Whilst embarking on a recent camping holiday the hard plastic cover that embraced the spare wheel met with total destruction after mysteriously becoming detached from it's place at the rear. My question is, could anyone out there point me in the direction of a replacement of any colour as I would get it sprayed the correct colour, that wouldn't cost as much as a new car, ie from main dealer.
  2. Thanks to all, looks like the EGR is a good place to start, cheers.
  3. Hi I'm getting the slightest hang/flat-spot going up the gears at approximately the 2250rev mark at each change, it disappears once through that band of RPM, any suggestions please.
  4. Message received and understood, I'll try it ASAP and let you know how I got on, cheers all.
  5. Hi, further to my previous thread of no having a owners handbook, I'd be happy just to know how to change the text on the screen from some funny looking foreign language to good old English.....
  6. Got myself this tidy vehicle, unfortunately came with no hand book and there's sure to be something I need to know about that's not strikingly obvious to me. Can anyone advise me where to get one please.
  7. Hi We have a 2005 Rav4, having occasion to change the wheel I couldn't find the jack, perhaps we weren't given one, I found the wheel nut wrench and jack handle, I maybe missed the jack could anyone tell me where to look please.
  8. Thanks for the reply, No tinkling, clutch positive, clutch and flywheel replaced at 60,000 mls.
  9. Hi All, We own a RAV 4 with the D4D 2Ltr engine, first reg'd Sept 2005. The vehicle has been in our possession since March this year, we love the car even after early issues with the turbo which were cured under warranty. I am now curious to know whether the momentory rattle at the turn of the key is normal (sounds like the characteristic "knock" of an early diesel), starting takes rather longer than I'd prefer too.
  10. Hi, We've had our 2005 Rav4 for about 2 weeks now with no problems to date, but an annoying rattle/squeek has emerged inside the vehicle from an area where the dash top meets the windscreen fairly centrally, strangely enough the annoyance disappeared immediately after using the windscreen wash/wipe function and stayed silent for the rest of our 10 mile journey. I just wondered if anyone out there has encountered this annoyance and could point me in the right direction before I rip the whole dash out.
  11. Hi, I just bought a Rav4 with the D4D 2 litre engine, first registered in Sept 2005,so I assume its the 1 CD-FTV engine. I'm anxious to know the recommended milestone for changing the timing belt please. Regards Bagpuss53
  12. Welcome to the Toyota forums Bagpuss53 :)