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  1. Just a quick note of thanks to Devon Aygo and Byzii for their helpful replies. The SCV has now been replaced - an easy enough job for my engineer - and the Supply Pump re-initialised within the car's settings. Toyota have stated that the SCV is plug-and-play and we appear to be back in business though I've not driven far as yet. Earlier today the old SCV caused engine cut-off and overfueling on multiple occasions on a trip to the shops. It was clearly in its death throws. Fingers crossed we're all sorted now....
  2. Thanks Byzii - that link is very interesting and informative. The supplier of the SCV is quite adamant that the item I have is an update of the original SCV, so all good. But two more questions rear their heads: 1) If I fit my new, improved, upgraded, longer SCV will I need a software update to make it work properly (I think the answer is YES - and that I can only get this from Toyota). 2) Does the SCV sound like a potential culprit for my P0093 fault / engine cut out problem? NOTE: I do not have a starting problem. No issues starting the vehicle at all. Thanks
  3. Hello All, With apologies if I have posted in the wrong place... I have a SCV question re my Toyota Corolla Verso 2.2 2005. Looking for some guidance / reassurance... My vehicle has taken to switching to limp-revs, the engine cutting out after 30 seconds. It tends to do this when cold - but had begun doing it when warmed up. An event on the M23 last week was not welcome! All is fine on restart apart from the usual orange engine lights. A fault code of P0093 is shown - large fuel leak. The EGR is routinely cleaned, oil and filters (incl fuel) changed every 6000 miles. Fuel additives are used. I have been directed to look at the SCV and am making efforts to ID a replacement. My engine is a 2ADFHV. Fuel pump numbers are 22100 0R020 and then HU294000-0301. I believe the SCV part number is Y04226-26020. I have made a purchase. The diesel supplier insists the newly supplied item WILL fit (with the enclosed adapter); My engineer says the new item is not the same as the old item - and clearly the body of the new item is longer than the old. Online I find a mixture of products listed as fitting: The short bodied SCV (like mine) and the long bodied (like the new item purchased). Photos attached : Fuel pump, current SCV, pic of new long bodied SCV. Any advice as to whether I am going right or going wrong would be welcome... Thanks. Nick
  4. Thank you for your reply Frosty. In the end the problem was that coding the key to open the doors is just part of the problem. I'd managed that - but an autolocksmith told me I needed to code the key to the ECU and that's hard and risky. He advised not to tamper. So I do not.
  5. Hello. I need a new oil filter housing for my 2005 2.2 Diesel Corolla Verso as the current one is damaged and hard to remove. Toyota want £70 or so for the part - which sounds like a lot. Sadly I have not managed to google my way to identifying the part number in my hopes of finding the right part at a better price. Can anyone who knows their way around the Toyota Parts Universe help me locate the correct part number? Thanks
  6. Hello All, First time post - trying hard to solve a problem with a keyless fobs for our 2005 Toyota Corolla Verso 2.2 We have 2 fobs. They work perfectly. One is heavily worn, the buttons falling apart. We have purchased a 2nd hand fob on eBay. It is a genuine fob. It has a new battery. The light on the fob operates. Of course the new fob needs to be programmed. We have the instructions. We have followed them - but we have only partial success and this is where our question /problem lies: The new fob now locks and unlocks the doors - but it is not recognised by the ignition. The car knows that 3 fobs are now programmed to it. So what are we missing? How can we get the fob to be recognised by the ignition? Is this a "return to Toyota, need expert/official programming/assistance" sort of an issue? With many thanks for any insights that can be offered, Nick and Emma
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