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  1. Well after almost two years of care free motoring in the Auris Hybrid and my wife's Yaris, we've decided to go even further over to the dark side and as of 1st March will be taking delivery of a Nissan LEAF each. I'd just like to say thank you to all those that have helped us and answered questions etc over the time, who knows, I may be back in a couple of years!
  2. I've got a maxi cosi isofix base in my Auris, the leg fits fine without any flex, it can both be angled and extended to adapt to the car - similar to your Britax it has the green lights when fitted correctly. I do recall the instructions gave a list of the major manufacturers and models and listed which would require the use of the top tether (which the Auris can also do). I also use it in the Yaris without a problem. I personally use my top tether bracket with a bungee cord to the metal cargo net (I think?) attachments in the boot by the hatch/bumper as an added support against having the sea
  3. There was talk about this a couple of years ago when the mk2 Auris Hybrid came out. I'm sure there were multiple posts on this forum about it. If I remember correctly, it has something to do with the shape of the aerial, one dealer swapped it for someone experiencing the problem and it sorted their problem.
  4. While I can't recommend the slime stuff for a car (as I've never used it on a car) it is amazing on my mountain bike tyres so I can't see it being anything less on a car. Once came back off a ride with my rear tyre resembling a hedgehog, didn't even notice until I came to clean the bike.
  5. I wanted the spare wheel kit for my hatchback Auris hybrid when they first got announced, but I was told by a member of the parts department at the dealer that it wouldn't fit in the hybrid properly and would affect the lower boot shelf. It's a shame really that Toyota would accept such a design flaw into production.
  6. I thought exactly the same about the cr*p trap in front of the rear wheels when I first washed my wife's Yaris. That was over 18 months ago now, it gets washed on average once a fortnight, I've not noticed any sign of rust or other trouble from that area. And if it does start to go, I'd take Mr T up on their paintwork warranty.
  7. I use my thumb, takes less than a second when I open the boot or walk past the back of the car. Keeps the water bill down too...
  8. How does this work then? I've never seen it before, do you need to be on a particular screen on the mfd?
  9. Ah for the good old days, wind window down, stick out hand, bring hand back in, wind window up. Manoeuvre complete...
  10. I'd still have a Model S though. In a heart beat. Amazing to drive! :-P
  11. 15" may fit, depends on the internal diameter - it's not actually 15". I had the same idea last year, got a set of 15" cheap, but unfortunately they had a lip on the inside that fouled the caliper. A set of 16" would have fit, but cost more to buy, so the total cost with tyres didn't make it cost effective and I didn't bother.
  12. Looks quite a nice job! Are you going to do the upper grille? Not too sure on the eyebrows over the number plate...
  13. £12.50?! That's cheap! Some are upwards of £30 for administration charges now. There was an article in one of the tabloids a few days ago about the way insurance companies are keeping insurance quote figures low to grab headlines but bumping up their profits through the various extra fees and charges.
  14. Iac valve and / or egr valve are usually responsible for stalling on the approach to junctions, slowing down etc, not moving away from junctions, symptoms are revs dropping, not increasing. I'd suggest confirming with the Toyota dealer you used that there definitely isn't any error codes on the ecu.
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