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  1. Thanks Druid Boy. We only had time to change one disc on Sunday, hope to change the other one tomorrow. The old disc got hot as well, so changing disc & pads didn't help. Will give the caliper more attention and check the handbrake as well.
  2. I have just fitted a new disc and pads to the rear nearside because of concerns about the old disc heating up. I have run the new ones for ~ 90 miles with no grinding, squealing or rumbling but when I got home this eve, the disc was too hot to touch. The disc on the off side was almost cold. Does anyone have any ideas before I commit financial suicide and book it in to a garage? Model is D4-D TR 2.0 '58 plate.
  3. On my 4th Avensis but first time on this site / forum. I look forward to learning from others!
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums nikon :)

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