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  1. Hi & welcome to the forum
  2. For those thinking of getting one of these, this info might be of some use Came across this guy http://www.youtube.com/user/Techmoan?feature=watch on Youtube a while back, his reviews are honest and unbiased. He also tests them on the roads in day & night situations This is the first review where he actually recommends a dash cam, one that is reasonably priced and is good value, here it is: http:// There are a few factors to consider when buying a dash camera, this one does not come with as GPS unit, so no speed will be registered on the files, also no geographical co-ordinates suc
  3. Hi all just got a 2007 rav4 xt-r in carbon quartz 67000 miles on clock Picked it up on thursday & already had her through snow 7 ice covering just over 200 miles. Loving the handling & comfort along with the economy ( 46 mpg so far) Had a Hi-Lux pick up in the 80's & when we wanted a 4x4 toyota was what came to mind after looking at land rovers & not liking looking forward to maintaining it using the how to's on here, very good & easy to follow by the way Pics to follow when the weather gets better
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums spearman666 :)

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