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  1. very similar in chassis if not the same
  2. Hi, what year are you after, im from Ireland have been to Japan january 2016 and imported a car for myself
  3. Have had this car for roughly 5 years was out the back of the house bought it from a member here as a rolling shell minus the wheels,running gear and grill long story short went to put a non turbo starlet engine in it and made a balls of the wiring got p@ssed off with it and left it down the back, have gathered a few bits throughout the years and have brought it down to the garage last month and have started at it in my spare time over the last few weeks. First and second picture is when i got it " /> " /> And these pictures are from tonight basically have all the connectors marked so i know what i have and what i am missing, will be picking up a power steering pump and starter during the week. Got the intercooler fitted properly tonight had to straighten the brackets that came with the kit also the pipe that fits onto the turbo itself il have to get milled down as the flange is too big and cant get nuts onto the bolts on turbo and managed to fix a snapped bolt on bonnet catch, have the wepr manifold on with standard ct9 turbo and blitz down pipe will be bolted to a greddy exhaust Stripped down one of the drive shafts as one of the boots is ripped and overall wrecked from being left outside over the years oil and water and dirt isnt a good combo(will be doing other driveshaft tomorrow and getting new boots if needed) Took the brake calipers off as well and gave them to Nicky he loves cleaning them and he gave one the calipers a coat of paint tonight again the other side will be done tomorrow, waiting on braided lines from jap91 and ive new handbrake cables so once i go out the rear brakes overall they should be decent. Over the next few days il be attempting to get the wiring sorted on the inside because the dash is out, it will be staying out until the car is starting to ensure the wiring is perfect inside, not putting dash back in to go take it back out. Few pictures from tonight... " /> " /> " /> " /> " /> " /> " /> " /> " /> " /> Anyone know am i missing anything up around the side of the inlet ???? " /> " /> " />
  4. Have several sets of springs if you still require them.
  5. have two axle back exhausts one is a trd and the other is a fujitsubo fgk
  6. have numerous sets of 5x100 send me a pm and il be in touch
  7. welcome along what part of the midlands are you from
  8. May be a simple as a blown bulb, remove surround from cluster unscrew 2/3 screws holding cluster in and couple of connectors going into the back of them, replace bulb with one beside it(if you dont know which one is eml on removal shine the cluster up to light and you should see the symbol) if thats not the case id go checking your fuses
  9. Hows it going everybody my names Joe live in Portlaoise(midlands) Ireland joined up to this site a good while back and came across it today recently imported a Honda Fit from Japan so that is my daily and my other cars are a 99 Toyota Trueno ae111, 01 Subaru Legacy b4(engine gone) 00 Subaru legacy b4(donation car) 93 Toyota starlet gt ep82 My mate owns the yellow dc5 which has a rotrex supercharger on it. Have a facebook page sell a few parts and post listings of cars going to auction and im able to import cars from Japan Ive been driving since I was 18 first Toyota was a 95 Black starlet gt after that I had 97 Black Glanza S 94 Black Starlet gt 94 Silver Corolla fx-gt 20v 97 Silver Glanza V 96 Black Glanza V 99 Green Trueno Bz-R 00 Black Levin Bz-R(came as a track car from Japan) 97 White Levin Bz-R 00 Blue Levin Bz-R 93 Black Starlet gt 94 Yellow Corolla fx-gt 20v 00 Toyota Celica Sports m about 4/5 Jdm zzt231 gen7 vvtli celicas 1 Blue vvtli uk spec gen7 1 Blue vvti uk spec gen 7 1 St202 Jdm red top beams gen6 celica and maybe missing one or two :P Anyways look forward with to being partially active on the forum when i can and look forward to soaking up information on the site and giving it where I can as well have a good day :)
  10. hit me a pm 10 a penny here in ireland just depends what shipping is
  11. whats your budget on one and i can calculate up a total if you send me a message
  12. what type of knock were you experiencing?? top end or bottom end?
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums Joebloggs89 :)