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  1. 2008 57 plate UK Auris SR180 definitely only has 17" wheels with 225 x 45 tyres. Im almost certain that fitting 225 x 40 x 18"'s on this car will result in rubbing on the inner arches....
  2. One of the few things I think Toyota missed when making the SR180 was firmer suspension (lowered looks good, but its still not firm enough on the country undulating roads to be a hot hatch) AND no sports seats. So I was wondering, has anyone here replaced their front seats from something sportier? What did you go for? Was it easy? Any pics? Thanks!
  3. Ive fitted K&N 57i kits to several cars, a Fiesta XR2i, a Honda Prelude Vtech and a Mondeo V6....I think I've finally learned my lesson....they arent worth it. Several years back I was lucky enough to take my Mondeo to Superchips to have my car used as a Guinea pig for a engine map for the 2.5V6 - which they hadnt developed. MY car at the time had a K&N 57i kit fitted. When they rolling roaded it prior to the chip, it clocked 174BHP....6BHP over the standard 168BHP. They had to stop work on my car and work on something Tiff Needel brought in from Silverstone, so I took my car on a hot
  4. Im a little confused then...the SR180 is quite a lot lower than the standard Auris...Im guessing around 35mm....if I fit these Eibach springs, wouldnt the ride height go up?
  5. Bluespark is working fantastically well a year on and with no issues
  6. did you replace the bushings too when you fitted the springs?
  7. Id recommend a BlueFlame chip box. Think they are around 180 quid? Had mine fitted about a year now and it hugely improves the performance. Instead of a lump of power between 2 and 4K rpm, the car surges around 1700 and goes on to 4400. Overtaking in 6th at 70mph you dont need to change down to 5th. Its great fun! Mine dynoed 201bhp and 401nm torque. I have a K&N panel filter too.....cant say ive seen any of the claimed improvement in economy though. Hasnt worsened....but still onbly get 330miles on a tank (very much urban driving here and school runs).
  8. If theres one of a small handful of things I dont like about my SR180, its the front seats. They squeak and they are boring. Has anyone replaced their seats? Is it easy to do? Ive never done it. Can you fit say Second Hand BMW or VW Seats to the Auris if I got some at a breakers yard? Cheers
  9. Beags

    Sr 180

    I love mine! I bought a 57 plate, but it had an engine replacement in 2011 prior to me buying it, so its only done about 40K now. My Wife has a 61 plate 2.0Tdi GT140BHP car. The VW feels more solid and I think handles undulating roads better with better suspension. BUt, I love my Auris....it grips well, corners nicely and goes like **** of a shovel...but most of all, its rare. You really dont see many Sr180s. Its nice to own something a little exclusive
  10. Clean out the EGR valve....lots of possibilities as listed above, but Im gonna bet you a fiver its the EGR valve.....its the most likely
  11. I notice theres lots of issues around cleaning the EGR valve on the SR/T180 engine...Is there a by pass available? A friend has a Golf GTD and said they work great on that engine...
  12. That exhaust set up is the nicest thing Ive seen on an Auris, well done!
  13. Beags

    2.2 180 Mpg

    I live in outer London, and so Im very much a stop start, kids run to school type runner sadly...Im getting around 330miles on the tank before the warning light arrives.
  14. Beags

    Budget Tyres

    I think a top brand tyre is always the safest bet and would recommend that route every time if your budget allows. If, like mine recently, it doesnt....I would highly recommend Kwik Fits Arrowspeeds brand. They are great in wet and dry, ok not quite as good as a top brand, but better than an AVON I found this independent review too. http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Nexen/Arrowspeed-CP661.htm
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