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  1. ents

    Fault codes for d4d 2005

    Hi Codes 21 and 24 are A/C sunlight sensor codes. They are normal to display if you perform your A/C unit diagnostic in poor light condition, they are not related to your blower issue.
  2. ents

    Clutch fluid reservoir

    On your Avensis, clutch and brakes have the same fluid tank.
  3. ents

    Retro Fit Cruise Control Avensis T3-s

    Please check the swith before buying the new one.
  4. ents

    Tailgate wont open

    I bet that the wire is broken inside the rubber protector between tailgate and the body!!!
  5. ents

    2005 Avensis Cruise control

    😀 the other two bolts are conneted to the plastic back cover of the steeringwheel. And what you can't see, there are two pieces of LEGO under the stalk to keep it right place.
  6. ents

    2005 Avensis Cruise control

    Hi I installed mine like this. Looks like yours is different, but i'm sure you will figure it out!
  7. ents

    Adding Cruise Control

    I hope these are the ones.
  8. ents


    One fuse to go, 40A MAIN fuse inside the biggest fusebox in the engine compartment. If that is ok, you must see a specialist!
  9. ents


    Can you be more specific, does you car have automatic headlights? If yes, check all 7.5 and 10 A fuses inside cabin. There are a lot them in auto headlight system
  10. ents


    Headlight fuses are in engine compartment, near the radiator fan.
  11. ents


    Dome fuse is located in a fusebox above the pedals.
  12. ents


    Have a look behind the glove compartment.
  13. ents

    Toyota avensis

    Only thing i found was P00D5 Cold start of the injector 1 - fault Perhaps changeing the injector solves the problem
  14. As you're going to Poland, don't buy studded tires. They are not allowed there.
  15. ents

    avensis key fob

    Had same problem with my fob, closed easily but had trouble opening. I changed the battery and problem solved!