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  1. Yeah, your car is produced to general market, thats why it does not have oxygen sensors and catalyst coverter! It's normal for these cars to have higher fuel consumption compared to EU models. Have you tryed to clean the air flow sensor?
  2. Can you please PM me your car's VIN
  3. Perhaps a heatshield is loose and is rattling then in contact with exaust
  4. And wires from cruise switch must go into media buttons connector
  5. The cruise pin has 0V because cruise control is ground operated. If you ground cruise pin while ignition on and cruise light comes on, then😎
  6. Hey What engine does your car have?
  7. This car should have electric power steering. Mine is and it feels just the same, i think it's normal behavior.
  8. The ECU is behind the glovecompartment, you need to remove it.
  9. Hi Codes 21 and 24 are A/C sunlight sensor codes. They are normal to display if you perform your A/C unit diagnostic in poor light condition, they are not related to your blower issue.
  10. On your Avensis, clutch and brakes have the same fluid tank.
  11. Please check the swith before buying the new one.
  12. I bet that the wire is broken inside the rubber protector between tailgate and the body!!!
  13. 😀 the other two bolts are conneted to the plastic back cover of the steeringwheel. And what you can't see, there are two pieces of LEGO under the stalk to keep it right place.
  14. Hi I installed mine like this. Looks like yours is different, but i'm sure you will figure it out!
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