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  1. Hi All Just to introduce myself I am the proud owner of a 2005 Corolla t3 d4d which is my first Toyota I have owned. I got the car from my friend as he bought a Arius. I have owned the car for about 4 months now and really enjoy driving the car and my wife who even took and passed her driving test in it. I do have an issue with the car but that is posted in the Corolla forum :( Hope to join in on some of the posts in the forums and do some more reading on some of the posts soon. Regards SavyM
  2. Hi All I have had a noise coming from the front of my 2005 Corolla t3 d4d 2ltr diesel which I presumed to be a front wheel bearing. But under investigation with my brothering law found the the noise was being created from movement where the near side drive shaft enters the gearbox casing. Which we now know we need to replace the Transmission bearings and seals etc. The main reason for posting this is that where can you find the parts or part numbers for the bits required I have tried using my searching skills on the web but to no avail. If anyone out there could help me with this it would be much appreciated. Many thanks SavyM (Stacie)
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums SavyM :)