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  1. Just wondering but seemed to have worked it out myself I think :S I take it the front seat doesn't fold flat? but can it be tilted far forward? Good job my dad has a V50 but still interested to know. :) I'd mess about with it myself but the typical Manchester weather has put me off :')
  2. Hi (: Erm, first of all I'm terrible at writing these xD Second, I have a 2007/57 Yaris 1.0 3dr, Woo 68bhp :P Well got to start somewhere (: Oh, It's my first car:) that I own, did spend a year and a bit in a Volvo estate with a whole 47bhp more:( 6 months in and no problems:) Great little car despite the lack in power which I wish I had! But insurance comes in to play :P I keep meaning to do some pics, but its ruddy cold and I keep forgetting, and it needs a clean :P If I ever remember I'll get some up before I clean it and then after again If I remember:) Unfortunately, I am a massive Volvo
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums Harry_LCFC :)

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