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  1. Good news. Sat Nav now updated to the latest version with full post code entry. Toyota had to order the update on usb stick and the engineer confirmed that there seems to be a problem with the update downloaded via the portal being different from the version they have despite having exactly the same ID. This is apparently being worked on so hopefully future updates will be OK (although I will check with Toyota before applying). Free updates are apparently only available via the portal otherwise it's £30 for the memory stick.
  2. It will be interesting to see what they say in terms of future updates. Hopefully they'll fix the portal issue.
  3. Ahhh! I can hear the penny dropping from here
  4. @duncanda The response from Toyota shows that they do not understand the problem and have not, apparently, tested the update. My car is now with Toyota who have provided an Auris Hybrid as a courtesy car, ironically with a Touch and Go + system that still accepts 7 digit post codes
  5. All Just for further information my Prius is going into my Toyota dealer for two days next week for them to try and resolve the sat nav issue. I will post with an update once they've finished with it.
  6. @duncanda that's the version I updated to. It's far less accurate especially if you don't have a road name. I am awaiting a response from Toyota who apparently seem to think that there may be a setting to allow full postcode. Having just bought the car I could have bought a T4, used my iPhone (where both apple maps and google maps are free and come with a functional sat nav that takes a full postcode) and saved £1,500+. I am not a happy bunny.
  7. I bought a new Prius on 1 March and when I got it the sat nav accepted a full UK post code. I followed the instructions to register the Touch and Go and to download updates, updated my system and now it will not accept a full post code. Given that this was one of the deciding factors in choosing the Prius over other makes I am more than a little upset. Anyone got any advice as so far my dealer has failed to come up with any suggestions and just says that is what the update does. There was no warning on the Toyota site that the update changed the system in any significant way.
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums simonhmoss :)