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  1. mines heading the same way , cold starts like new ,with new Yuasa pro battery & new toyota starter motor hot starts are still sluggish ,lost confidence with mine now Hi Jamie. I have heard that the temperature sensors can cause this problem. There is supposed to be 2 off them one for gauge in dash and one for engine management. I have not found out which is which yet. But the one for engine management is supposed to be the problem. Hope this helps.
  2. Problem back again. I thought this was sorted but had the same problem this evening. Got home from work and stopped rav outside, Five minutes later went back to car and it would not start. It turned over with starter but would not start up. Tried this 3 or 4 time,s but no go. Then I got a booster pack from the garage and hooked it up to the battery. And it started first try. I realise this sounds like battery trouble but I cant understand why this only happens when the engine is fully warmed up.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies. Four days ago I changed the fuel filter and cleaned the MAF sensor. So far this seems to have done the job. .
  4. Thank to everyone for the replies so far. I have only had the rav4 for a short time so i am learning as i go. In general it starts fine. Engine turns over about 2 or 3 times and it is started. But a couple of times when it has been warm and only switched off for a short time it has been very hard to start. It turns over slowly and sounds as if the battery is going flat. Then when it starts it seems fine. It has not happened now for 3 days.
  5. Thank,s Don. Will change it. It was done recently but worth a try.
  6. check wth both SCV first and MAF sensor-- whether they are alive or not ? Going to clean the MAF sensor this evening. Is there a way to check if the SCVs are working properly.Thanks again..
  7. Need some help again. My rav4 2.0 d4d is hard to start when the engine is warm. It seems to start fine when cold but if I park up and am only stopped for a few minutes it is slow to start. Any suggestions what to look into first would be appreciated. Thank,s Martin.
  8. Thank you for the welcome and the reply. Another job for the weekend. Have it in getting the timing belt done at the moment.
  9. Thank you. Will check them out at the weekend.
  10. In response to the flippant answer, unfortunately the noise is just as bad when I am driving alone . It seems to be a whinning noise. Gets a little louder as you increase speed from start to about 30mph. Then stays about the same regardles of speed.
  11. Thank you. Getting a good response now that the post is in the right place.
  12. Hi all. I have recently bought a 2004 rav 4 d4d 2.0. It seems a bit noisey in the back. I understand I will be getting a bit of road noise. The noise does not change if I hold in the clutch. I have changed the oil in the rear diff. Any idea,s on what to check next would be appreciated.
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