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  1. "Oil Maintenance Required" warning appeared on the dashboard widow that normally displays the fuel computer readings for no apparent reason. The oil was changed less than 5000 miles and only 7 months ago. The maintenance schedule on the satnav screen had been correctly reset at the last oil change. I tried the procedure detailed in the owners manual page 155 with the ignition key and trip button but this did not clear it. I then disconnected the car battery for a couple of hours and when I reconnected it the problem had gone. This highlights an issue that has confused me since I got the car back in 2008. The owners manual page 154 details an "Oil Management System" for diesel cars without multi-function display whereby the car will tell you when an oil change is necessary by lighting up the above "Oil Maintenance Required" warning light or after a maximum of two years or 18000 miles, however the service schedule (and Mr T) says that the oil should be changed at 12 months or 10000 miles maximum. I have gone along with the 12 moth/10000 miles change because much of my driving is towing a caravan with the engine working very hard especially in extremely hot weather on French Autoroutes where much higher towing speeds are allowed. Previously I have owned Peugeots that specify 2 year/20000 mile oil changes and cannot understand why Japanese cars haven`t followed and caught up with the 21st century.
  2. One of the plastic pegs that hold the pull out cover in place on my 2007 Avensis Tourer has broken so I went to Mr T to buy a replacement and the conversation went :- Me - I want a new peg for the load cover please. Mr T - Sorry they don`t supply these. The only option is to buy a new load cover. Me - How much is that ? Mr T - About £420 - I know that because somebody wanted on last week, but he decided to bodge it himself when I told him the cost. Me - Do you sell many new load covers? Mr T - No but we get lots of customers asking for the plastic pegs !!!!!!!! Come on Toyota - get real and supply these parts which obviously fail due to poor design, and let us customer have them free.
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