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  1. I got a update code from eBay, download was from Toyota tho, everything worked fine with the install and activation code. Only issue I have is that the lane guidance is occasionally erratic. For example M1 J23a south when exiting to the A42 I'm told to keep right until the last 100m when it decides I should keep left.
  2. Thanks for the link. I'm planning on putting to the right of the steering wheel as means to power/charge a phone so only need a feed.
  3. Anyone any experiece with this or anything similar? seems it would fit. Looking to add a charge port to blanked off switch to the drivers right side. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393649616844?var=662390063804
  4. I updated system software not too long back to 2.22OWL and navigation database to EUL20200908 however the lane guidance has a few gremlins. For example when heading south on the M1 towards J23a for the A42(M42) lane guidance is telling me to keep right until the last 100 meters when it tells me to go left, another example is heading north towards the M42/M6 toll where it advises keeping in the outer three lanes again until the last 100m. Anyone know if this is a bug with the software release or navigation database & if so if this has been rectified in a later release? 2012 Avensis, previous system software was original install for a 2012 avensis (system s/w 1.75)
  5. There are quite a few map updates on eBay etc that claim to be genuine, wondering if anyone has any experience with any of these. Dealer price was £135 last time I enquired whch is about £100 more than the advertised price. Just wondering what can go wrong and what it would take to recover should it go belly up
  6. It's the daytime runing light on the front, I just can't figure out what the second filament is
  7. Just pulled the lamp out & noticed it's a 5/21W E4, switching through the lights I only ever see the 5W filament on. Anyon know what purpose the bigger filament has?
  8. Thanks for taking the time to post this, it's not obvious at all as to how to get the lens out
  9. Very useful Thanks for the replies all.....
  10. Sorry the Hybrid, new or nearly new
  11. Looking to replace my Avensis & considering a Rav 4. The vehicle is used for work so covers quite a few miles on the motorway at cruising speeds. I often see 60 mpg returned from the Avensis on a run without trying too hard but am wondering what sort of mpg I'd see from a hybrid over say 150 miles at motorway speeds. Also like the look of the Corolla but loadspace is a factor
  12. Fob - it wouldn't unlock, lock or turn off the alarm. Turned out to be nothing more than the battery. I'd replaced the cell however all four in the pack turned out to be u/s despite being well within date.
  13. Hi, I've a 2012 Avensis (T27) however my spare key no longer works. The key is OEM Toyota that was supplied with the car when new but I've not needed to use if for a good number of years. I've replaced the battery in the fob but still nothing. Is there a way to resync the key to the car? I recall doing this with a previous Astra suffering the same problem after a period of inactivity.
  14. I've rev 1.7.5 in my 2012 Avensis which I was considering changing, however, I'm now looking to hold on a bit longer so may update the maps. I understand that along with a map update there's also a general software update? If so what are the improvements?
  15. Thanks. It used to be possible to download updates from my Toyota however it seems no longer to be an option. Sods law after booking the car in Saturday it's now started working. Disconnected the battery sat morn but it made no immediate difference.
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