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  1. Auris Pictures

  2. SR180 2.2 D-Cat ADE157 White Smoke

    So basically your having lots of Regens Also in this weather you while see more smoke that's also going to be condensation on the exhaust plus damp off the roads burning off. Are you doing short journeys or are you continuing to drive when the regen is on. What grade fuel are you using in the car (believe me it makes a difference) Have you had any faults or errors Didn't know there was an update for the DPF cycle. If you are now doing Regens and wasn't before then I'd say your still better off clearing it out nearly always a dog can be saved and not replaced.
  3. Hey; I sent you a PM. I don't think you've seen it yet. Can you reply? :)

  4. T180 V6 conversion

    A mapped 2.2 is pretty quick. Tobmakenitnworth while you would have to look outside Toyota to get a turbo charged or supercharged engine in
  5. T180 V6 conversion

    Looked into this myself. No one is willing to do the job. And for the extra power is it worth the extra weight. Unless you go mad with it. Looked into other options and I'll just be doing the conversion myself.
  6. Pls help me identify this suspension? part

    That's a drop link. I would also check your brakes as well if it's screeching Drop links normally cause knocks and bangs when broken however that has a split boot which means it needs changing but is not broken but will seize up pretty fast. Also on a note what Auris do you have and what coilovers do you have on
  7. HID Kit

    Just as good as HID and a thousand times better than the poor excuse of headlight bulbs that come as factory ... When I replaced mine I was shocked to see osram written on the back of the factory bulbs
  8. Help what's happened

    P1386 is for the DPF injector. I wonder if they have knocked the sensor during removal of the top sensor. Did they check the DPF content level.
  9. HID Kit

    No taking bumpers off I ran non canbus LED and HID in my auris no issue Now run purely LED ... Much prefer them over HID ... Easier to fit less messing about
  10. HID Kit

    I run LEDs in my side light no flickering Definitely no pulse like my vectra lol I run LED dipped beam as well now but we have no issue with that at MOT in England due to the way the rules are written. But all my lights are LED. There's no stupid Canbus like the Vectra Either.
  11. Auris SR180 engine issue

    Have you had the fuel filter changed it could be trying to clean the DPF
  12. Auris T180 New 'Saust'

    Have a word with Tony banks exhausts ... They do amazing work and good prices as well
  13. Poor horn

    I've fitted a truck horn in mine ... Let's just say it has the desired effect
  14. Auris T180 New 'Saust'

    It doesn't fit seen someone with them after spending more than a custom backbox would cost they got it to fit ... Just go custom it's cheaper and generally a better finish.
  15. Oil maintenance required soon - really?

    I'd change it as the service intervals are 12k anyway, personally I change it earlier every 8k. When was it last serviced If it's only got 16.5k on it has it had any servicing done as it should have been serviced once and had the oil changed twice by now