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  1. Should always have a form of security on top of the usual setup with the keyless entry it's really easy to clone the key with a tool it may not have been a van it could have been anyone within 10 metres of the car. Someone sat opposite in a car with a laptop and a dongle. It's all you need and then an obd cable attached to the laptop to program the new key (the laptop) Normally they dump the car within a few streets or roads and come back after a few days for it incase its got a tracker. Just buy a proper disklok and a viper immobiliser Instantly puts off the majority of thieves as they are near impossible to get off and bypass.
  2. EGR is decent on them really just maintain it by cleaning it every 10-15k miles. They can be retro fitted to the cast but you'll be hard pushed to find one in good condition and they are over £1000 new from Toyota. If you did you'd need a couple of modules as well to make it work. As for power I never found it bad but I did get it remapped. Took it to the home of Auris tuning down south in Cornwall.
  3. I bought a hard plastic one off eBay for £40 brand new take a little tweaking to fit as a couple of the holes didn't quite line up .... But saved alot and it's a much more robust bit of kit.
  4. Hi Bud, Welcome to the group. EGR is incredibly easy to take off and clean. Would also see when the last time the fuel filter was changed as well. Sainsbury's hasnt been linked with a premium brand fuel for years and Esso fuel is still poor. All supermarkets buy fuel off the Exxon open market which is generally the fuel the big companies don't want or has been sat a while. No need to run fuel treatment really. Run a premium diesel in the auris they love it. I run shell v power and it's been great on it over the last 80,000 miles
  5. The DPF and cat are in the same cannister
  6. Dpf ... DPF is on the down pipe That second box is just a silencer
  7. Depends on how the car is when coming in we've seen some of these on the dyno only making mid 160s and some making the 177 they come with. All pull fantastic just seems quite a flex on power but none should have any issue breaching the 200bhp area. But it's the torque in these that's the monster
  8. I did alot of testing on this when developing the mapping the stock cooler is a pretty damn good unit. Comparable to some of the good aftermarket company products available. So I wouldn't bother personally.
  9. They sell pretty well tbh. But it's all down to the price you put things up for. Is a buyer's market after all.but still they sell ok
  10. You know me always modding Tbhbi think I'm near complete
  11. It's good to hear your back bro
  12. So basically your having lots of Regens Also in this weather you while see more smoke that's also going to be condensation on the exhaust plus damp off the roads burning off. Are you doing short journeys or are you continuing to drive when the regen is on. What grade fuel are you using in the car (believe me it makes a difference) Have you had any faults or errors Didn't know there was an update for the DPF cycle. If you are now doing Regens and wasn't before then I'd say your still better off clearing it out nearly always a dog can be saved and not replaced.
  13. Hey; I sent you a PM. I don't think you've seen it yet. Can you reply? :)

  14. A mapped 2.2 is pretty quick. Tobmakenitnworth while you would have to look outside Toyota to get a turbo charged or supercharged engine in
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