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  1. Re 

    I've removed the reference to the fact that you offer mapping services through your company from your latest post in the above thread.

    If you wish to effectively advertise your company's mapping services on Toyota Owners Club, you will need to register as a trader. To register as a trader, please contact steve@toyotaownersclub.com

    1. smudge-1991


      he asked where i got it mapped if i had said myself he would then have asked who are you to which then i would have said so that seems abit harsh to be honest 




      Not harsh - it is the same principle as applied anyone else.

      For example, a thread posted tonight re a car show has been removed due to the fact that the thread was encouraging members to buy tickets for the show - the organisers looking to make commercial gain from free advertising on Toyota Owners Club.

      It is one thing stating the company, whoever that might be, which would then have left it to the member to take it further or not, as is their wont. 

      It is another thing stating the company and then going on to say the company is me, which is effectively what you did, which would probably then prompt further enquiries directly from you. 

      Being a member of Toyota Owners Club isn't about making commercial gain from membership, unless one goes through the proper channels, which in this case, would be registering as a trader.

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