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  1. briando


    i'm wanting to know if there is a better set of tires for a prius if all i'm doing is town and city driving. something that would last longer and improve efficiency
  2. my wife has one of these rav 4 things and she loves it. i was wondering if it will ever get bigger?
  3. these are ok but they look really silly on the yaris
  4. the nice thing about the toyota recall for europe is i don't live there. drive on baby
  5. honestly why wouldn't you grab the Prius, the gas mileage alone is far worth the trade up. save the money
  6. i thought toyota proved this was all a hoax in america. is this problem real or did someone get something stuck under their brake pedal?
  7. i didn't know you could get insurance on just a motor. with a toyota it seems like a great idea. probably all that would go wrong with an old one
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums briando :)

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