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  1. It is I, once again, seeking further help, please! I have phoned the recommendation by Redlew and, indeed, they will replace the whole key for 20 GBP plus 12 months' Guarantee. That is, clearly, the perfect solution.....or is it? My problem now is the following: My non-remote key with transponder opens the doors and starts the vehicle. However, the car alarm will not deactivate when using this key. It is only the push button on the fob which will work. Does any person have any further suggestions? Thank you
  2. Thank You to every person who has tried to help. I am most grateful. I am going to try the suggestion by "redlew" as it seems that might be the simplest way to go. This site works!!! What a really pleasant surprise!!!
  3. Thank You to everyone for taking the time to answer. Will the alarm go off once I insert the key into the ignition and will the engine start and continue to run? Any further help will be much appreciated.
  4. Please, could any person explain the use of the keys? I have three. The Main One has the remote options but is broken at the neck. Therefore, using it is quite a messy operation. The other two - The one with the transponder will open the door but sets off the alarm. So, what do I do? I can not afford 150 GBP to replace the main Key. is there some way in which the alarm can be dealt with? Thank you
  5. Scott, Here are the photographs. Thank You once again toyota-avensis-gs-d4d-2002-estate.html toyota-avensis-gs-d4d-2002-estate (1).html toyota-avensis-gs-d4d-2002-estate (2).html toyota-avensis-gs-d4d-2002-estate (1).html toyota-avensis-gs-d4d-2002-estate (2).html toyota-avensis-gs-d4d-2002-estate.html
  6. Thank You Scott. I will ask my son to post a picture for me as soon as he is back from work. I appreciate your help very much.
  7. Good Evening, The truth is that I am not sure. All I know is that it is an Avensis 2002 Model, 2.0 diesel Estate. Does that help? Thank You for your help.
  8. Please, can anyone help? I need a repair manual for an Avensis D4D 2002 urgently. Does anyone know here I can download a cop or does anyone have a copy which can be downloaded. Thank You very much.
  9. Good Morning Joe, Firstly, thank You so much for replying. I really do appreciate your input. Joe, my car is a 2002 Avensis Estate. There does not appear to be a way of removing the glove box, so I can not see if there is a bank of fuses behind or not. Do You have any further suggestions? Thank You.
  10. Where is the internal relay or fuse for the sat nav, cigarette lighter and radio located on my Avensis D4D 2002, please?
  11. Welcome to the Toyota forums madarega :)