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  1. Could also be worn seals on the turbo. Not sure if its worth looking into that. Iirc when I looked into swapping my 2.0 lump with the 2.2 it didn't require much. The main difference is the suspension at the rear is torsion beam on 2.0 models and independent on 2.2s.
  2. Sorry, is that yes to going to the stealer?
  3. No aha, I have both 😊
  4. Hey guys, Does anyone know if you can (without going to the dealer) change how many times the lane change indicators flash for? And also if you can enable the lights when you unlock the car? Cheers guys
  5. Aidsy1

    I'm back!

    I'm loving that smudge! Shame I could never get mine to the same standard as this. Maybe one day I shall own a mk1 again. Well, no maybe about it. I shall own one. And will be back showing up the petrol ford's everywhere xD
  6. Aidsy1

    I'm back!

    So, after a year or two with no auris. I have moved back into the scene. Last one was written off by someone driving down the middle of the road (never caught the b@*#@rd) but have now got a 2015, 1.6d auris business, and I must say, I'm loving it. Not quite like my 2.0 d4d, but still good... And much more fun than my yaris that I had before it. Also have a 1992 mr2 that's a project car while keeping this as my daily with no mods... For now anyway. Will be good to be part of this forum again
  7. Aidsy1

    Just Bought

    T bar seals are something to look at, and check the gearstick for play. To be honest pretty robust cars. Had no problems with mine
  8. Aidsy1

    Mk2 mr2 advice.

    I bought this car (one in the photo) is a pleasure to drive. Unfortunately Gonna have to get rid of it due to family commitments. But I must say if you get the chance get one. My insurance was 600 quid and I'm 25 with 1 year ncb and 1 claim. I went with Adrian flux and declard it modified with filter and japspeed exhaust.
  9. Aidsy1

    Engine Swap

    Hello Fellow MR2 Owners. Does anyone have any idea how easy it would be to fit the 3S-GTE mk3 engine into my 1992 sw20. It currently has the 150hp revision 2 3S-GE engine. Will it be as simple as source the engine, and ECU, old one out new one in then route up the piping etc.
  10. Aidsy1

    Just Bought

    Hi Guys (and gals) I have just bought a mk2 1992 MR2 and so far absolutely love it. I am having a few problems with it though. When I lock it via the key, I have to lock both sides independently (or just the passenger side central locking works there) but when unlocking I can do either door and both doors unlock. Any idea what could be causing this problem?
  11. Hi guys and girls, I am looking into buying an mr2 I have seen, its a mk2 2.0 engine built in 92. Anything in particular I need to look for when I go view it?
  12. Mine is usually sitting about 800 rpm. However as people are talking about it fluctuating, mine fluctuates a lot, almost as if its about to stall then kicks back up, will do this a few times, usually after about 10-15 mins of driving then stopping. Has also been known to increase the revs by itself at standstill (when warm) up to about 1500, then idle and repeat. Is this the evap purge causing this? (first petrol car others have all been diesel).
  13. Aidsy1


    Does anybody on here know how hard it would be to convert my 1.8 vvt to a 2.2 2AD-FHV Diesel? I would also settle for the 2.0 1AD-FTV, as I believe that was what was in my Auris. Although I like the sound of the petrol, I miss the grunt of a Diesel more. I'd like to do it as a sort of project. I know i would need: Engine, Exhaust, ECU, Intake, Change Fuel Lines, Change Fuel Tank, Maybe different suspension too (might be getting coilovers anyway). Can anyone think of anything else? Any help would be much appreciated :)
  14. Aidsy1


    So, I took the intake to bits (up to the manifold don't have a spare gasket) and cleaned it all. Took the injectors out, soaked them in cleaner then put them back. Took out sparks, checked gaps (all ok) put them back. Have sprayed manifold cleaner up to the butterfly valve (while it was apart) cleaned it and put it back. Changed filter. Not sure what else to check. She is still hesitating when cruising (admittedly when cold) is this normal for this car or should I look further and look at the fuel pump?
  15. http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/auc-screate/item/t-rtt-30/ I had this type fitted to mine, not sure where to find the lense though
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