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  1. Hi,having just this morning fitted my new Scv valves and road tested extensively the fault of poor starting when at working temp.and hot still exactly the same. There is also a noticible lack of power at low revs. 2000 rpm and sluggish until 4000 and then takes off after 4000. Possible turbo waste gate??? Any help is appreciated. Rothers!
  2. Hi,based on the great info.posted by all,the symptoms point to Scv valves almost definately! I can find them online and from local suppliers for approx £200 for the pair,does anyone know dealer price or of any recommended suppliers for less??? Thanks again for the help people!!!
  3. Hi all, We've had our 2004 Rav 4 d4d 2.0 diesel for approx 18 months and a great car it is too! Except for this random fault which is: vehicle will start from cold every time,if started and driven for any decent time then switched off it will reluctantly start and sounds as though the battery is poor. For example we drove from here in Cornwall to London without stopping,pulled over for a quick toilet break(5mins or so) come out and it will not start??? So all fuel is flowing,battery fully charged on run of that distance and we have to wait 10 mins or so for it to cool down. Vehicle does not overheat and has been serviced at every interval so not a filter issue..... Any thoughts would be appreciated as this follows no mechanical sense.
  4. Cheers mate,how do I post a question ref a fault with my Rav???

  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Rothers6 :)

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