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  1. No. But thats the problem. Before I didnt use handbrake and the car standed still. I usualy use handbrake but in winter months when temperatures are -15 - 20C its not recomendable to use handbrake. The whole sistem might freeze.
  2. Hi I am having doubts that something might be wrong my car. When I park my car downhill I usually put it in reverse gear. But recently I notice that the car is starting to move down the hill. After I turn the engine off and move my leg away from the brake pedal, the car stand still for maybe 1 sec, after that it start moving down the hill, it will pass maybe 0.5 to 1m and after that it completely stops for maybe 1 sec, and after that its start moving again ….in the same manner till it reach almost the end of the downhill. But when I park uphill and put it in 1 gear the car stand still with no problems. The car is Yaris with 1.0l engine. I friend of mine says that it might be due to low compression in the engine but that would be strange for engine that have only 25.000km.
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums nikola2004mkd :)

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